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Kitty DPS query.

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You logged out in Restoration gear, so nothing I can really say to help without a log. Post a fight where you feel you are having difficulty with AoE damage. I can tell you in principle, this is what you should be doing -


1) Right click a mob so you will be autoattacking. Before I got into this habit, I often found I was just Swiping things but losing out on a lot of white damage because nothing was targeted!

2) Keep Savage Roar up 100%, no excuses.

3) When Tiger's Roar is up, use Thrash and Swipe. Don't pool your Energy for it, since TR recovers Energy.

4) Keep up Thrash.

5) Swipe.

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It really depends on the fight you are having trouble with.  Are you talking about sustained AoE (targets are living >30 seconds) or burst AoE (targets die <10 seconds)?

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