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ideal movement as mm

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Hello fellow huntsman,

my question revolves around a topic that gives me a hard time measuring it. I'm looking for a general approach to movement heavy encounters that provides a good compromise between  movement/mechanics and damage.

Don't get me wrong! I know what you are thinking by now: "You play mm, no movement is best movement".

And damage-wise that might be true, but you can't deal damage when you're dead....

In my opinion this topic goes beyond the usual "step out of the fire" mechanics and heads towards optimizing your positioning and forseeing the encounter events in a way that allows you to deal more damage and minimization of fluctuation in your damage output.

This whole topic might sound trivial to some players but not to me. My hunter has ~400 days played and it is the only char I have seriously played since classic. The problem is that I used to be a student and had a lot of time and, of course, was well informed about everything in the game. It was easy to keep in touch with the game. But now with job, a family and working long hours it gets hard to live up to the game completely. And I'm afraid that I might just miss a crucial detail that impacts my gameplay. I can't be the only one that experienced such problems?!

So the actual question is: Is there some kind of pattern or recommendation for movement in movement heavy encounters or should I or should I just trust my intuiotion?


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It's a matter of practice, intuition and instinct, but two things to keep in mind:

  1. Aimed Shot does not need to be cast as soon as it is available.
  2. Everything else but Aimed Shot can be cast while moving.


Combining this, MM has almost free movement. You only need to stand still for 2.5 seconds every 12 seconds, or 21% of the time.
The most important thing to remember is that you are free to choose when you want to cast Aimed Shot. As long as you don't cap charges, you're golden.

If Aimed is up and you have to move, don't worry about it, just save it for when you are no longer moving. You won't lose any DPS as long as it doesn't cap on 2 charges.

You can further maximize by spending any time not casting Aimed Shot (so that's like 80% of the time) to reposition yourself. The fact is that wherever you are standing right now, there probably is another place that would be just a tiny bit better. Knowing those places is again a matter of practice, intuition and instinct.

There are no hard rules to follow about this. But once you realize that just because Aimed Shot is up doesn't mean you have to cast it right away, it opens up a lot of freedom of movement that you maybe didn't know you had.

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The only advice I can give you is to pay attention when you're going to use Trueshot so it doesn't overlap with movement-heavy mechanics. 

Since the cooldown of Aimed Shot is so much shorter during Trueshot, you're not able to leisurely move around while Aimed shot is charging. You can still move whenever you're hitting Rapid Fire or Arcane Shot, so you don't need to be completely still, but you won't be able to run long distances uninterrupted without capping Aimed Shot during Trueshot.

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