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Heavy m+ healing

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Hello fellow druids!


I've been playing various DPS characters my entire WoW career (since WotLK), but never a healer. When the second season of BfA was released (BoD raid, Reaping affix in m+) I decided it was finally time to try it out. So I rolled myself a resto druid (mainly because that tree form from WotLK looks neat, lol).


I have to say I like it a lot, and I've learned to heal quite good this far. I can heal keystones up to 15+ without any bigger issue, provided that the group knows what they are doing. This week I ran in to an issue though. When there is heavy bursts of group healing that come relatively often, I can't keep up. The moment I realized this was on the Soulbound Goliath boss in Waycrest Manor (this was a +13, Tyrannical, Grievous and Bolstering). I can deal with the first soul release by tranqing, but the second one and onward I really struggle to keep everyone at good health (this is because of the fire damage plus Grievous I assume). How can I counter this effectively? I've considered changing Photosynthesis to Flourish, but that would still only really help on the second release. Any ideas? I also struggled quite a lot with the Heartsbane Triad boss.


Sorry for the wall of text!


Armory: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/eu/ragnaros/mooveit

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The Tyrannical bosses in Waycrest are problematic, but Heartsbane Triad is such an easier fight if DPS meter their efforts during the damage reflect phase (Briar's Aura of Thorns) to avoid nuking themselves to death, and move during the movement phase (Malady's Aura of Dread). Then you just have to worry about the healing reduction while Solena is up, but the damage is lower during that phase.

Best thing you can do on Soul Harvest is coordinate with the tank and pre-hot. Druids are not the strongest reactive healers; they work the best when everything is set up beforehand. The talent build you are using is the same as what I use, except in T90 I find Inner Peace is invaluable on Grievous and Bursting weeks.

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