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is there any way of telling from the front of the card...

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What set (Shadows, Rumble, Kobold, Etc.)  it is from 

Or is the only way using the filter on the Collection?.

It;s just that when I look at a deck - apart from most of the classic ones - I don't know which set a specific card belongs to.

Or indeed if I am making up a deck from the collection, unless I use the filter, it isn't obvious, at least not to me.


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Watermark in text box.

Witchwood has a wood-looking thing.

Boomsday Project had bombs.

Rumble has a head with tusks.

Rise of Shadows has an eye, or something like that.

Wild sets has them too, like Kobolds has a candle, Un'Goro has a footprint, TGT has a shield and etc.

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13 hours ago, FanOfValeera said:

Watermark in text box

Oh yes, I never noticed that until you pointed it out

It also explains the little icon in front of the set name in the collection.. shadows is a little bird, and you can *just* make out that watermark shape,,, they are very hard to see though.

Thanks FanOfValeera

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