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Guides that are just missing/no longer relevant.

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Let me start off by saying that I hold 0 ill will towards this site. I love coming onto this site to learn more about the strategies and synergies relating to OW. I have a long history of playing FPS before OW came about. I was getting sick of the types of FPS games coming out. This site is like a wikipedia of game sense. However, I believe it could be better. There are many instances in this site where the wikipedia model is failing the user. For example there is literally no ashe guide as of 5/10/19. The hero was released in NOVEMBER. At this point if a guide isn't ready to be released, then a placeholder showing an ETA should be shown. Documentation and guides DO NOT take half a year to make. I have no idea what process goes behind publishing a guide, but even in complete ignorance as just a user this seems unacceptable. Not only that, the changelog is showing that most of the guides haven't been updated since 2016! Three years of development and balance changes by blizzard makes me think that most of these guides need an update. Whatever high level of scrutiny that is held before a guide is published needs to be relaxed. Maybe don't allow anons to make changes to guides written by GM players, but having a GitHub-like system of branches with the ability to push and pull changes to these guides would massively improve the quality and relevance of this site. Just my two cents as long-term lurker and concerned user of this site. Thank you for your time.


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We no longer maintain our Overwatch section and, after 2 attempted revamps, one by myself (a now Top 500 flex player, mainly projectile DPS), and one by a writer that is no longer with us, who was a GM player. We found that the level of interest in written Overwatch guides is simply too low and there is simply no incentive for players wanting to put in what is essentially a massive task of rewriting the entire section.

The section is essentially now treated as no longer being maintained and, as such, the guides have not been updated. This is why we have no Ashe or Baptiste guide.

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