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Wizard question

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I'd recommend you to follow the first build, and just find yourself lucky when you find Ancient items for the LoN build ^^

Remember you have to have FULL ancient items for LoN to be really powerfull and they have to be the specific ones...

Besides that, the LON Starpact build is very demanding on your own skills and you need a MASSIVE!!! control over cooldowns, uptimes, cycles and ability to judge situations when to and when not to drop a meteor 🙂 So if you are new to the game i'd advice you to follow a simpler build, which is more forgiving in regards to timing and controll (Vyr Archon maybe)

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Thanks for the reply 🙂 Well I'm not a pro if it comes to doing 10 things at the same time and watching stuff,  I just thought that this was the best build this season.

I've tried firebird meteor and vyr/archont builds last seasons and liked both of them, but they were only good until gr75, then I couldn't solo higher grifts...

So you'd recommend me to go https://www.icy-veins.com/d3/wizard-vyr-archon-build-patch-2-6-5-season-17

after I'm done with firebird? Is it much better than firebird or can I stay as firebird for the rest of the season?

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Meteor build starpact is probably the strongest wizard build this season aswell, but the skill requirement is also incredible high, where as the but archon you linked will do a lot better, due to the simplicity of the build with stacking chantodos to 20 stacks, pop archon and run through packs and kills everything with laser and chantodos explosions.


When you complete some more builds and get more used to the game, you could try the starpact build, but it'll take time as it's not all that easy to get the proper ancient gear with priority stats ^^


I'm not saying archon is the only right choice, as there's a lot of different builds and possibilities and all guides can be tweeked to fit your playstyle the most 😛 but in my opinion archon Vyr is the simplest and possibly the strongest build for wizzards this season^^

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16 hours ago, Lisq said:

Thank you so much. Which follower should I pick for solo grifts?

I'm honestly not sure, since it very much depends on what playstyle you prefer.

But usually people go with the Knight follower since he can be equipped with Freeze shield and Frozen killer sword (rimefrost) or a support oriented weapon which stuns or increases your damage and can save you in tough moments with his charge and heal.

The Archer follower can be equipped with a crossbow which slows and with some attackspeed he is basically a perma slow to enemies and gives a good buff to damage output.

And the wizzard follower is a decent midway - gives some dmg reduction, poly CC and some damage.

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It's no star pact for damage, but LoN with etched sigil and deathwish, channelling meteor or twister is real easy and good. Even at non ancient etched sigil and deathwish/ mantle of channelling you can clear lvl 90 with only 9 or 10 Ancients even if some are not best in slot. Can clear 100 with all ancients and some caldessan's. Twister is slightly better, dmg wise and because you can spam extra twisters without stopping channelling. Just kite and teleport to move and keep the taeguk up. Unreal toughness, a tank. Whether fire meteor, lightning twister, or arcane twister. 

On 5/19/2019 at 7:44 AM, Lisq said:

Just made a season wizard again - should I follow this build https://www.icy-veins.com/d3/wizard-channeling-meteor-firebird-build-patch-2-6-5-season-17

and then focus on getting this one https://www.icy-veins.com/d3/wizard-star-pact-build-with-lon-set-patch-2-6-5-season-17

or should I just go straightforward to the second build and start finding items for lon build?

Helmet - users choice, adrials visage for your elemental dmg, leorics for life, crown of primus for slow time(using slow time instead of freeze) etc... 
Chest - Cindercoat for a fire meteor, with Aqilla Cuirass in the cube, or Wear the AC for twister and cube the ranslors folly bracer.
Shoulder - Mantel of Ch
Gloves - Magefist for fire meteor, Frostburn for cold twister, St. Andrews gauge if neither.
Weapon- Deathwish, grand visier or twisted sword in cube, can wear twisted sword and put deathwish in cube if better option using twister. 
Belt- Hergbrash's Binding to keep Aq Cu viable and chanelling forever, but you could find other ways to keep resources up and use a witching hour. 
Pants- The swamp land waders from the WD class, if not then your best ancient of any kind. 
Boots- Nilfur's Boast if meteor, I like ice climbers if twister, but users choice there. 
Rings- CoE and HoK either way of course. Manald Heal for lightning twister, or probably stone of jordan with your element of choice for the rest, but users choice. HoK or CoE would be in cube slot, whichever is worse rolled to wear. 
Offhand- etched sigil
Bracer- Users choice. Ranslor's folly if twister is an option, blood bracers if using galvanising wizard makes a super tank, nemesis bracers are always great. If twister, use your best and cube the other choice. 
Amulet- Hellfire is best with a 5th useful passive, good luck. Otherwise the arcane one for an arcane build, or users choice. 

For skills use only 1 spender, whether meteor or twister, so the free one every second is always your best damager. 

Arcane twister with the rune that 2 twisters combine into 1 more powerful is as good as lightning + Manald Heal. Both are a little better than meteor. Meteor might make your eventual transition to Star Pact easier, using the zei's stone instead of BotPowerful at long range with meteor helps it alot. I cleared lvl 100 with fire meteor. All are super tanky 2 billion defence while channelling, plus a shield if you want. Here's my thoughts on the lightning twister with manald heal to take advantage of the seasons extra ring slots, sounds fun. But honestly a very safe, even for hardcore, and adaptable build that can get you to gr 100. 85-90 even when no where near optimal. Not reliant on any cooldown, attack speed or resources, but can be fine tuned for those things in may ways if you want. 


Lightning manald heal twister LoN ^^ 

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