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Safe Haven/Thrall Returns Meme Compilation

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Last week saw the return of Thrall in the Safe Haven cinematic and, as you'd expect, some of those who were happy to see the old Warchief return also got creative with the subject on may different levels. As usual, all of these memes were posted on r/wow and we're going to take a look at our picks for the best ones.

First off, there were plenty farmer Thrall ones, as he went for a fate of all retired badasses, and we picked our favorite below. (Source)


Then we have some Thrall class changing shenanigans, assuming he's back to his Warrior ways. (Source)


And here's his transformation from farmer to Warrior/Shaman, presented with a BfA vs. Classic slant. (Source)


As you'd expect, that handy Rogue-removing move was quite popular as well, with this one titled "Most accurate depiction of Vanish ever". (Source)


Leading into another Warrior mention. (Source)

What can I say, I like killing Rogues

Then it's on to Saurfang. (Source)


With this explicit reference in the cinematic getting a direct comparison and an apt quote. (Source)

My name is Varok Saurfang, Commander of the Armies of the Horde, High Overlord of the Kor'kron, loyal servant to the true Warchief, Vol'jin son of Sen'jin. Father to a murdered son, husband to a deceased wife. And I will have my honor, in this life and the next.

Then there are some more negatively-minded memes, starting with this light-hearted one. (Source)


But we then move to some actual criticism of all of the recent BfA cinematics and their focus, with a little Diablo Immortal thrown in to spice it up. (Source)

"BfA in a nutshell"

Jaina (or at least her meme template) also isn't pleased with the current focus of the cinematics. (Source)

"I am SAD, SAD about HONOR"

While not a meme per-se, we then have a relatively common sentiment whenever a new cinematic is released, aka wishing for WoW 2.0 with cinematic-like graphics. (Source)


Sticking with the graphics theme, this next one isn't a meme either, but a graphics comparison from someone that found the Nagrand location from the cinematic in-game. (Source)


And finally, the obvious one, the thought that most older players probably had. (Source)



So, what did you think of them and did you come across any better ones that we missed?

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49 minutes ago, Starym said:


Sticking with the graphics theme, this next one isn't a meme either, but a graphics comparison from someone that found the Nagrand location from the cinematic in-game. (Source)


These ones are the equivalent of seeing marketing material of new McDonalds Hamburgers VS what they actually serve you. The classic "Expectation VS Reality".

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3 hours ago, Undeath said:

That out of budget one was quite fun. Jaina meme is so true that even hurts a bit.

At least we got this one, which is arguably one of the most emotional things WoW ever made, even though it is not a full scale cinematic:


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