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[EU][H][PVP][CLASSIC] <Hellion> Hardcore light.

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Hellion is a guild for people that want to be able to mix serious raiding with real life obligations. It's a guild for those of us that want to clear all content at a steady pace, but in a sensible and time efficient way. 
We are now looking for more players of high standard that know their class and play it well, prepares for raids in terms of consumables, pre raid bis gear, enchants and strategy. 
The goal is to form a tight roster of highly skilled and like minded players.
It's a big plus if you have experience from raiding in vanilla, but it's not a requirement.

What we expect from you:

= You can level to 60 somewhat fast and commit to a maximum of 3 raids a week, 3 hours per raid. Most likely Wed/Sun/Tue 20:00-23:00. 
= You know your class and play it well. 
= You can think and act in stressfull situations. 
= You show up prepared to every raid. Strategy, consumables, pre raid bis gear and enchants.
= Willingness to build a positive reputation for the guild. You represent all of us when you wear the <Hellion> name. Act accordingly.
= You are a team orientated player, what's best for the team has priority over you. We gear the raid to progress. Be cool with a transparent loot council and realize that you will get your stuff faster if we kill stuff faster.

What we offer:

= Mature and experienced vanilla guild and raid management.
= An opportunity to clear all the raids in Classic without insane commitment requirements.
= Laid back atmosphere.
= New friendships that will hopefully last a lifetime!

Raid schedule:

Most likely Wed/Sun/Tue 20:00-23:00. 

Recruitment status:

We are actively looking for class leaders for most classes.

Shaman: Open
Rogue: Medium
Priest: Medium
Mage: Open
Hunter: Medium
Warrior: Medium
Warlock: Medium
Druid: Medium

If this resonates, please visit our discord for more information https://discord.gg/e5tzH2B

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