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Area damage

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It did not. Area damage is still a stat giving damage boost, and nice in the slots you can get it (shoulder, hands, jewelry and weapon). But critting more and for more damage is still a better damage gain, excluding thorns builds, as thorns cannot crit. This is mainly because AD's fixed proc chance and lower rolls.

After CHC and CDmg, a fair amount of builds go to CoolDown Reduction or Resource Cost Reduction, because of their cooldown dependancies (Akkhan Crusader or DHs utilizing Dawn) or gluttonous Spenders (Marauder MS or SWK WoL). After those stats, there is only Attack Speed, and AD. And AD often conflicts with CDR and RCR in the rolls of equipment slots you can get it. 

There are some enlightening exceptions to these rules, like IK HotA, that does not require RCR and CDR rolls because of the chosen legendary affix and set bonus, and being a fast attacking aoe build, it can go full nuts on AS and AD. But for the majority, AD is only fourth or fifth in damage stat priority, making it often being left out from gear. 


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