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WoW Classic Addons: TukUI

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TukUI has been ported over to Classic Beta and looks gorgeous! If you're looking for a simple lightweight and sleek UI to get you started in August, definitely check it out!

TukUI makes Classic WoW look really good and comes with pretty much everything you'd expect from a modern user interface.


It is easy to install and fully customizable, just type: /tukui c in the chat to open up "Settings".


If you're playing Beta, download TukUI from here, extract the folder and move both Tukui and Tukui_Config to your Interface/Addons folder (both folders must be present in the same directory). Make sure to check if you're addons are enabled upon logging in to the game.

If you're willing to go the extra mile, download ImmersionClassic. It replaces the dated quest and gossip frames.


Note that TukUI currently has some issues with Questie when both addons run in parallel.

Classic Addons

If you're looking for more Classic Addons, we compiled a list of useful resources:

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Wow this is so sick! Decidedly going to be running with these if Blizz allows 😛 this sort of thing doesn't ruin "nochanges" and makes everything look much better 🙂

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16 minutes ago, eliot22 said:

Is there an addon that adds LFR, better graphics, and all the expansions too?

There is, it's called Battle for Azeroth, but it's still in early Beta. 1.0

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Never really been a fan of the ElvUI / TukUI addons on Live, I might consider using it for Vanilla since it looks real good. A few tunings here and there with the castbar and so on and im good to go.

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3 hours ago, eliot22 said:

Sweet! Is there an addon that adds LFR, better graphics, and all the expansions too?

Absolutely! It's called the 'Battle for Azeroth' addon...

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Its really good addon, been using it since Pandas I guess, but to be honest it reminds me retail wow a little and I wanna get a full Classic experience.

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Is there an option to adjust the backpanel that the Chat window sits in?  It's not large enough for me to see more than 4-5 lines of chat with me needing the font bigger.  How do I adjust that panel?

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Im having trouble getting this to work, i downloaded the zip file and extracted the folders out and copied both Tukui and Tukui_Config to your Interface/Addons folder.

When i log into WoW after choosing my character i get this error message.

Anyone know whats wrong ?

2019-06-06 (7).png

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      Azeroth Auto Pilot is an interesting addon for speed leveling in WoW Classic and in this spotlight, we're taking a closer look what it does.
      Azeroth Auto Pilot
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      Alliance Leveling
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      Layering is a limited form of sharding invented specifically for WoW Classic. It will be implemented to ensure a smooth launch in August, but comes with downsides and recent Closed Beta footage demonstrates just how easy it is to abuse the system in its current iteration.
      Layering in WoW Classic
      The purpose of layering is to shard entire continents at launch, meaning one server will have multiple layers that will be gone in a few weeks after launch when all layers merge into a single realm.
      Redditor Salvage_di_macaroni posted an image which highlights differences between sharding and layering on reddit.

      You can find more information about layering in the article below.
      The Downsides to Layering
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      The second clip takes place in Gurubashi Arena and shows how layering can be abused in world PvP.
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      What do you think about layering? The current suggestion is to disable it outside of starter zones.
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      Blizzard (Source)
      As we get closer to WoW Classic’s release, we thought now would be a good time to talk about our plans for Classic realms here in Europe.
      We’ve prepared several realms, which will include Player vs Player, Player vs Environment, and Role-playing realms.
      For Classic, we’re planning on not splitting up realms by language. This has its advantages and disadvantages, but overall, we think that it’s the best starting point for WoW Classic. An exception will be made for the Russian language, which will have separate realms due to its reliance on the Cyrillic Alphabet. For technical reasons this will also mean Russian is going to have its own separate game client, similar to what happened in The Burning Crusade.
      We think this approach will give players more freedom to move around to where they want, and find guilds and friends that best match their interests.
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