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Beast Mastery Hunter Pure Single Target Rotation

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For pure single-target Boss fights, "A Murder of Crows" (AMoC) seems to be a poor choice of talents for that tier given that it's unavailable to do any damage at all 3/4 of the time. Has anyone done any research on substituting either "Venomous Bite" (VB) ("Bestial Wrath" CD reduction for each "Cobra Shot" (CS) - substitute CS for AMoC in the rotation priority) or "Thrill of the Hunt" (8% Crit chance increase with each Barbed Shot stacking to 24%).

Add in swapping out "Killer Cobra" for "Aspect of the Beast" with the VB option and you would also get very frequent "Kill Command" strikes while BW is up.

I'm perfectly happy to attempt to test this myself, but I was hoping that someone out there might already have done so.

There are a few fights where even on adds, AMoC isn't going to do the 15-second reset thing and that nerfs the *filtered* out of the effectiveness of that talent's effect.

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Crows is by far the superior talent in that tier, with Venomous Bite's reduction being nearly non-existent when BW's average CD is already in the 30-35 second range, and Thrill of the Hunt's crit increase not applying to your pet.

You say "8% crit chance increase with each Barbed Shot stacking to 24%), but last I checked, it's 3% stacking up to 9%.

Killer Cobra is awful as well. The CDR just isn't worth the damage lost from Aspect of the Beast.

I do not understand why you do not just embrace SimulationCraft as a way to model these things. It only takes a few minutes to sim all the talent setups and you'd see that these combos are not just a bit worse, they are completely unviable by most people's standards.

The simulations assume no resetting of Crows. In situations where you can reset it (frequent in M+, not so much in raids), it becomes worth even more. Once again it's not even close.

Here's a sim with my own gear showing the difference: https://www.raidbots.com/simbot/report/mJwbJG4w6MosEdwKhUic32


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3 and 8 and 3 and I misread the numbers (3% for 8 seconds stacking 3 times). In my somewhat addled mind, I read that as 3 seconds for 8% stacking 3 times.

Yeah. That's not worth it at all.

I thought perhaps someone had missed a bet there.

I've got a premium sub to Raidbots and I use it but they say themselves on their site that it's heavily dependent on the nature of the fight and I didn't see a pure single target boss option there.

I haven't yet quite sussed out how to set up a meaningful own-client sim run. That's coming, I hope, once I get this addon done (I'm almost done with it with the caveat that it doesn't have plug-in rotations working yet, just BM Hunter - I've got a solid model for plug-in rotations, but I want to be sure the underlying code works before I walk down that path).

Thanks, Az.

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On 5/26/2019 at 8:05 PM, Ehiztari said:

I didn't see a pure single target boss option there.

It's all in the simulation options, right beneath the character import field. 

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