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Parry, Dodge, Miss, Block and Crit Issues in Classic Beta

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After all the "not a bug" issues that have been reported on the Classic beta, we thought it would be nice to take a look at a more serious report that actually takes some time to take a look at the issues discussed and present some proper evidence and data. Mirayne over on the official forums took time to detail some possible major discrepancies for parry, dodge, block, miss and crit values when facing higher level enemies.


Conventional wisdom about vanilla hit table mechanics includes the following:

  1. Mobs and players of equal level (more precisely, equal weapon skill and defense) have a base 5% chance to dodge, parry, block, miss (non- dual wielding).

  2. Mobs have (5 * Level) weapon skill and defense values.

  3. Each point of difference between defense and weapon skill changes those percentages by 0.04% per point (except miss, see below). For example, a player hitting a +3 mob (such as a raid boss) from the front without dual wielding will experience 5.6% chance for their attacks to be dodged, parried, and blocked by the mob. For the purposes of this discussion let’s stick to white attacks.

A guide on the old Evil Empire site claimed the source of the knowledge about 0.04% per point of difference between weapon skill and defense, and other information, came from the following three blue posts:




Unfortunately these are no longer accessible, at least not that I could find so I can’t see the wording.

A few of us from one of the classic warrior discords have been doing some testing on beta to verify the hit tables and other mechanics work the way we think. The testing is slow going but we have some preliminary results. Good news is certain things like glancing blow chance and penalties seem to be consistent with previous understanding, at least for +5 wep skill and +0 wep skill. Some testing will need to wait until later beta stages (presuming level cap is raised).

However we have found some strange results for other parts of the hit tables. For each result we also report 95% confidence intervals. Admittedly sample size is lower than we would like but testing is tedious and time consuming to do manually. However, even at these sample sizes some important information can be gleaned.

  1. Parry appears to be much too high (13.61% +/- 1.18%) for +3 mobs (no extra weapon skill) and is more consistent with parry values from later expansions. This conflicts with the 0.04% from old blue posts.

  2. Dodge (6.73% +/- 0.86%) appears to match later expansion values (wrath, see below). This conflicts with the 0.04% from old blue posts.

  3. Block (4.52% +/- 0.71%) appears slightly lower than expected. This conflicts with the 0.04% from old blue posts.

  4. Miss (8.41% +/- 0.95%) unfortunately isn’t enough samples to resolve between three prevailing theories on base miss chance for +3 mobs (8%, 8.6%, and 9%), but it’s encouraging that there isn’t a huge surprise here.

  5. Based on the base crit (4.49%) for the “Antlered Courser” test, there appears to be an additional crit suppression happening for +3 mobs beyond the expected 0.04% factor. For that test we are seeing a crit of 1.34% +/- 0.6%. Similar results were obtained for the Giant Yeti test, though slightly different due to different paper doll crit. ~3% crit suppression for +3 I believe was a feature of later expansions but was apparently not seen in vanilla according to any old sources.

Combat logs and summaries can be found here:


Additional references:

This site claimed parry was changed to 14% for +3 in cata pre-patch:


This site claimed dodge of 6.5% for +3 mobs (wrath):


This site claimed 5.6% for dodge/parry/block/miss for +3 (5% for +0), perhaps based on the blue posts linked above


All of this leads us to the following questions:

Is it possible that the creation of the 1.13 client led to some accidental setting of parameters from later expansions?

Would it be possible to verify that the beta is behaving as intended, or misbehaving, by devs comparing to their 1.12 reference client?

Blizzard responded, but still don't have a direct answer:

Blizzard Logo Parry, Dodge, Miss, etc. (source)

Hi Mirayne,

First off, the QA team wanted to thank you for the exceptionally detailed report. This is a great example of a professional report that utilizes data to support a hypothesis. Well done!

Regarding the potential issue itself, the team is going to take a look at this tomorrow in the reference client and verify that the current functionality is consistent with 1.12. Thanks again for the diligent, detailed analysis!

So, will this one make it to the "not a bug" list or is there really something fishy going on with those combat stats? Place your bets!

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well I can definitely say that dodges, parries, misses, blocks, glancing blows, spell resists and partial resists definitely happened hell of a lot more in classic than they do in modern WoW but it is entirely possible that the values are too high pending what the dev team finds.

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Rare Patron

I think it's amazing that a Classic player is taking the time and putting in the effort to glean these numbers from such tedious work. Someone give that human a medal, or a hug, or a medal with a hug on it. Something. Give them something.

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      Rajani Warserpent

      Windfeather Quill

      Rajani Tabard
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      Jade Defender
      Uldum Accord (Faction)
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      Increasing Reputation with Uldum Accord
      You can increase your reputation standing with the Uldum Accord by completing Assault Quests (marked as blue exclamation mark icons on the map) in Uldum. Each grants you 75 reputation with the faction. The main Assault Quest in Uldum grants you 1,500 reputation with the Uldum Accord.
      We also datamined insignias which grant you 250 reputation with the Uldum Accord each, likely from the new Missions.
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      Uldum Accord Tabard

      Pygmy Camel

      Wastewander Skyterror
      Reputation Paragon
      For each 10,000 reputation beyond Exalted, you'll receive Uldum Accord Supplies which have a chance to contain Cursed Dune Watcher (Battle Pet).

      Cursed Dune Watcher
      An overview of rewards that you can unlock in Patch 8.3 from the new factions.
    • By Stan
      Shadowlands is apparently super early in development and based on the discussions Preach had with the developers, he thinks the game will release in December 2020.
      Check out our BlizzCon 2019 Content Hub for the latest news!
      Although Preach thinks the game could be out in January 2021, this is likely false, because the pre-order states the game will release on or before December 2020. Gearing for the next expansion is not set in stone just yet, Blizzard's awaiting player feedback on the new 8.3 Corrupted Items System which is the new decision-maker of which direction they're going to go with in Shadowlands. Although it's too early to talk about Covenants, Ion confirmed there will be a BiS one. Tier Sets aren't coming back, because they think they can achieve Tier Bonuses with the new Covenant system which is better structured. If Covenants end up being unbalanced it will be difficult to swap between them. Shadowlands will be alt friendly allowing you to skip a lot of stuff from the beginning. It seems Battle for Azeroth's last tier will be year-long. We're still in for Patch 8.3 and 8.3.5.
    • By Starym
      There's more changes to the anniversary Alterac Valley battleground event, as Blizzard have tuned it more so that certain repetitive quests and turn-ins no longer affect the battle as much. The mines and mount farming for the riders will now only be daily quests and you will not be able to turn them in after the dailies are completed. The timewalking badge rewards for winning and loosing the BG, however are doubled. We already saw significant changes to how Korrak worked in the latest hotfixes, which you can check out here.
      You can check out our 15th Anniversary event guide for more details on how to get your AV mounts.
      Korrak's Revenge (source)
      We have been reviewing your feedback since this event started and while acquiring supplies from the mines and mounts for the ram and wolf riders does contribute to the battle, we agree that these can be a bit repetitive. To that end, we are converting a number of quests within the Battleground into dailies and removing the reward for the repeatable turn-ins. Then to keep the focus on the BG, the amount of Timewarped Bages for both winning and losing are being doubled to 20 and 10 respectively.
      Thank you for your feedback and we’ll see you out there!
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