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simulationcraft doubts - hunter mm

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Hello guys,

i have a question about my hunter mm Freccine - pozzo dell'eternità (eu). 

in recent weeks i was looking for the azerite chest "corrupted hexxer's vestment" because the bloodmallet site tells me it's much better than the other. i had on my gear the azerite chest "hauberk of sunken despair" . today i've finally found the corrupted hexxer's vestment BUT simulationcraft told me it's worse than hauberk of sunken despair.

But i'm pretty sure traits of corrupted hexxer are better than hauberk of sunken despair... why simc told me it's worse?

simc with haubker of sunker despair: https://www.raidbots.com/simbot/report/hy3pbq3X9PdUFUkK9Ksjde

simc with corrupted hexxer's vestment: https://www.raidbots.com/simbot/report/dLPC26aryAnk4RHupLLp2m


thanks all :)

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It could depend on your other azerit traits and how good they interact. Surgering shots it's not that bad due its chance to reset rapid fire. You should try to simulate more different options with variing your other azerit traits. Probably this chest is BIS with different azerite pieces where you use other traits.

You can also simulate different fights / fightlength. This can have hugh Impact on your best gear. But then you have to go more in detail with simulatingoptions. 

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