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Hunters Can Tame Horridon and Oondasta in Patch 8.2

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Hunters will be able to tame Horridon and Oondasta in Rise of Azshara. Both tameable pets look fitting for Zandalari Troll Hunters with their themed armor and appearance.


This is the second boss located in Mists of Pandaria's Throne of Thunder raid.

The entrance to the Throne of Thunder is located in the north-western part of the Isle of the Thunder King, and the isle can be accessed through the portal near the Shado-Pan Garrison in Townlong Steppes.

Horridon is a direhorn, so you must first learn how to tame them using the Ancient Tome of Dinomancy Ancient Tome of Dinomancy, which drops from Zandalari Dinomancers located on the Isle of Giants. You will also find Oondasta here, which brings us to the second tameable pet.



You must be BM to tame Oondasta and we recommend doing so her at max level to avoid hassle. Make your way to the Isle of Giants and that's it! The isle is located above Kun-Lai Summit and you should have no troubles getting there on your flying mount. Start taming the giant dinosaur and you're done.


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the tame is 5 seconds the bosses are invincible for a few seconds you just need like a 2 second window tbh. its also effected by haste so just stack haste gear and pop drums or lust or something right as it spawns and cast it you should be able to capture it before the invincible window wears off

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Sure there is no requirements? I just tried to tame this on my level 87 BM hunter and said the target was to high of level to tame? :( 

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11 hours ago, Ziashe said:

Sure there is no requirements? I just tried to tame this on my level 87 BM hunter and said the target was to high of level to tame? ?

With no requirements I meant no Ancient Tome of Dinomancy Ancient Tome of Dinomancy as is the case with Horridon. Updating the OP for clarity.

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 The one i am trying to tame is Oondasta* Sorry didn`t clarify. i have tried again at 90 and did not work either. I am wondering if there is a level requirment >.< Have not found anything on that. 

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