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Monk 4Uliana/6Inna's SSS questions

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Hey, have a few questions about my buddies Monk. It's a neat combo of sets, but it needs the 2 handed Inna weapon unfortunately. So it only gets the 1 SSS weapon modifier. Still its damage is better than his WOL LoN that isn't optimised yet, even when optimised it looks to me it just needs the SSS cooldown under 5 seconds to take advantage of the set rings to be optimised itself. But yeah I've never seen the build  or a breakdown of it. So I have some questions about it that I couldn't find answers for on the Uliana's build, due to it being an exploding palm build, not SSS. 

1. What is the SSS elemental dmg? I'm assuming it's physical, but it doesn't specify, so I'm also thinking it could be holy. Whatever it is I'm also assuming the cooldown rune keeps it the same but wouldn't mind confirmation on that. 
2. Has anyone around here toyed with that build before? It's good for doing 90 so far, in co op with my wizard, both only seem capable of 87 or so solo, co op makes enemies harder to kill, but having extra distractions out there helps focus purely on spamming offence in co op. 
3. Does the Obsidian ring of the zodiac work with SSS? Or would you need another spender in the skill set to cooldown the SSS?


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Also curious what people think of the monks in general. Seemingly the hardest of all the classes IMO. Both with toughness and DMG. Especially for HC. The best DMG builds mostly have shotty toughness, and toughness is generally hard to come by without using dodging, a bad thing to rely on on HC. That once in a blue moon you get hit a few times in a row against powerful enemies would have to be never, and it isn't. No biggy on Normal but on HC you're dead. There are little tweeks you can make to the builds, but the highest DMG already struggle to keep up with the best of the other classes and you can't afford to take away from them. I look at the monk leaderboards and it appears they must go all offence and somehow never get hit. 

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