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Classic List of Known Issues: Arathi Basin

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From the title it may comically seem that Arathi Basin as a whole is one of the known issues in WoW Classic, but no, it's just a list of several known issues inside the latest Battleground to be added to the beta. These join the already updated list from a couple of days ago, featuring Rogue and Hunter issues, as well as some missing water in the (now less so) Wetlands.

Blizzard LogoArathi Basin (source)

Added the following entries to the post above to reflect a few bugs that will be present when we turn on Arathi Basin this afternoon (6/6):

Arathi Basin:

  • There is no spell visual while players are in the process of capturing a flag
  • The scoreboard does not record the bonus honor that is granted for resource collection
  • Honor ranks are not shown on the scoreboard
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      Download the addon you want to install. Navigate to your WoW installation folder, extract the addon and move it to the Interface/Addons folder. Start the game and on the bottom left, make sure that your addons are enabled.

      You no longer need to rename the Questie folder.
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