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Feral, m+, wrath or bite

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i'd like to know the following:

in aoe situations (context: m+) ranging from 4,5 -> dozens (reaping) mobs:

at what point should i stop using ferocious bite at all and spam primal wrath only. i'm currently playing with gushing lacerations. in huge reaping pulls, like ML, i basically could spam 5 point wraths for a while. judging from the tooltip alone, this would make sense from 4 targets upwards, but seems just wrong. the combos fill up way too quickly to use them all with 50+ energy, so i'd have to us bite asap. this also feels kinda wrong.

basically, how should i handle all those combos?

currently playing with predator, soul of the forest, wrath and talons ? thanks in advance

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