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Death siphon vs SS as Unholy.

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Uh, Just wondering about Death siphon vs Scourge strike. I know some people ran some tests in earlier patches/hotfixs about the topic, I was just wondering if someone has ran the theory again about death siphon over taking SS in the rotation, if you have a higher number of mastery. Prehaps dw etc different weapon set ups/enchants/maybe a different set of BiS gear? If someone has already done the test could you link it, please and thanks.

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I also found this interesting and I've tried in in lfr.  

It has always performed subpar for me.  I lose too much dmg from SS and Festering Strike vs using a 2h.


I have numbers.... from simc

Here are the average dmg points for ss vs ds


Running BIS T16 based on our current gearing system

2h spec
Death Siphon:     144091
Scourge Strike:   153178 (phys+shadow)

DW spec
Death Siphon:      161398
Scourge Strike:     93463 (phys+shadow)

DPS for a simulation standard tank and spank fight:

DW Frost:    328892 dps
2h Unholy:   314615 dps
2h Siphon:   313608 dps
2h Siphon:   308351 dps (converting all death runes to DS)
DW Siphon:   289817 dps (converting all death runes to DS)
DW Siphon:   284230 dps

actions.single_target+=/death_siphon                        (spams Death Siphon)

actions.single_target+=/death_siphon,if=death=2      (retains Unholy Priority only casting Death Siphon over Scourge Strike)


dps gains for +1000 of each stat

unholy 2h	
str	2.23%
crit	1.53%
haste	1.19%
mastery	1.38%
ds dw	
str	2.50%
crit	1.54%
haste	1.44%
mastery	1.35%

Dual Wielding brings melee damage into the equation with better strength and haste scaling.

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