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Fury warrior

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I am wondering how much you think dps that I would be able to do with my current gear http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/frostmane/Sistema/advanced


Currently I am doing around 220k dps (Which in my opinion is very low) But I have understood that warriors are not really brought to the raids for our dps but rather for our Vigilance/Banners.


I cannot provide any WoL currently but to sum my rotation up:


On pull

BT - CS - (Popping banner, recklessness, berserker rage) - RB - (HS) - BT - (HS) - RB (HS) - Bolt (HS)


Outside CS:

BT (on CD) - 3x WS (If it procs) - WS to dump rage (80+) - HS to dump rage if WS has procced.


I am always going into CS with 2 stacks of RB.


I know it's hard to tell what I'm doing wrong without a WoL but doing this I am usually ending on 210/220k dps after every bossfight. (Even lower on fights that requires a lot of movement). 


Thank you :)


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This is purely from what I've read around the forums here, not from personal experience (unless dummy counts :D ) but here goes.


I'd probably pop Reck before CS in case the opening BT didn't crit and save Berserker Rage as a last backup in case the CS doesn't crit either.

Also, you might want to use Storm Bolt earlier in the CS window to be absolutely sure it makes it into the window. Leaving it last could cause it to hit the target when CS has dropped.

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Since you don't have EEoG, you want to use stormbolt on cooldown. Make sure that every other use is within CS.


Other than that, remember that you can use RB outside of CS if you are at 2 charges, to make sure that none gets wasted, or if you have 1 charge and it's going to drop before your next BT.


Make sure you track your enrage buff. Going into a CS without being enraged is a big dps loss.


It's hard to say much more without any logs to look at.


Hope this helps a bit at least, 



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