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8.2 Battle Pet Dungeon Preview: Stratholme (Official)

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Blizzard have another 8.2: Rise of Azshara preview and this time they're focusing on the Stratholme battle pet dungeon! You'll need one level 25 pet for Normal and at least 15 for Challenge difficulty, and you get the quest in Boralus or Dazar'alor. The dungeon is coming with the patch immediately and you won't have to complete previous dungeons to enter.

You'll be able to get new undead, dragonkin and magic family pets in there as well as some pet stones and achievements. For more specifics on the pets and the dungeon itself, you can check out our own preview right here as well.

Blizzard LogoStratholme (source)

It’s time to marshal your menagerie and put your best battle pets forward in the undead streets of Stratholme, a new Pet Battle Dungeon with Normal and Challenge difficulties.

To get started on your journey, you’ll need to have earned the achievement All Growns Up! (have one level-25 pet) for Normal difficulty or Pro Pet Group (have 15 level-25 pets) for Challenge difficulty. This will open up a new quest from Tizzy Gearjolt in Boralus or Fuselock in Dazar’alor. You won’t need to complete the previous pet battle dungeons to gain access, and once the upcoming Rise of Azshara content update hits, you’ll be able to play through all four pet battle dungeons in any order.

You’ll find pets from the undead, dragonkin, and magic families in Stratholme. You’ll be able to heal and revive your pets between each of the 12 stages in Normal difficulty, but not in Challenge difficulty.

Defeating the dungeon on Normal difficulty will earn players an Ultimate Battle-Training Stone. You’ll also be able to avail yourself of Manapoof’s aid to teleport directly to Stratholme’s dungeon entrance as a part of the quest reward.

Those who prove themselves to be the very best on Challenge difficulty will earn the achievement Pet Battle Challenge: Stratholme along with the Minimancer pet. Completing Challenge difficulty will count toward a weekly quest that rewards Cleansed Remains, an account-bound currency that you redeem for an Unopened Stratholme Supply Crate filled with pet supplies, or four new pets—Ziggy, Crypt Fiend, Shrieker, and Gruesome Belcher. Speak with Sean Wilkers at the entrance of the dungeon to add one of these spooky fiends to your ranks.

Whether you’re new to pet battle dungeons or a companion-combat veteran, you’ll want to get in on the ongoing story as it unfolds. Who are the shadowy figures that keep appearing in each pet battle dungeon? What chilling experiment are they conducting in Baron Rivendare’s slaughterhouse? Will you come upon an opportunity to take the fight to them?

Discover what awaits your critter pals next in Stratholme!

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    • By Starym
      We have another huge batch of 8.3 hotfixes before the weekly reset, with big changes to Corrupted items and the raid being the main focus. We also get a buff for lesser vision rewards, huge nerfs for Twilight Devastation and Echoing Void in PvP and a lot more. No word on the double-kill on the same reset and missing achievements for N'Zoth we talked about earlier today unfortunately.

      There's also a minor fix for Classic as quest credit for the Elune's Blessing quest should work better now.
      January 27 (source)
      Fixed a bug that prevented eligible players from receiving credit for It's Not A Cult if a raid member died during the N’Zoth the Corruptor encounter on Normal or Heroic difficulties. Creatures and NPCs
      Credit for rare creatures in the Vale of Eternal Twilight and Vision of the Twisting Sands is now shared. The Spirit Drinker creatures should no longer get stuck in an immune state. Dungeons and Raids
      Ny'alotha, the Waking City Corrected an issue that prevented Protection Paladins’ Blessed Hammer (Talent) from dealing damage to Wrathion, Drest'agath, and Il’gynoth. Wrathion Fixed a bug that prevented players from looting Wrathion if he was defeated while transitioning. Maut The amount of mana gained by Maut through Dark Offering has been increased on Normal difficulty. Mana gained by Maut through Devour Manifestation has been increased on Normal difficulty. N’Zoth the Corruptor Harvest Thoughts no longer counts player pets and guardians when dividing the damage and Sanity loss effect. Slightly expanded the distance at which melee characters can attack Exposed Synapses on Normal and Heroic difficulties. Horrific Visions
      Fixed an issue where Madness: Split Personality and Madness: Dark Delusions removed players from stealth. Lesser Visions
      Starting with this week’s resets, the first Lesser Vision daily quest of the week now gives 3000 Coalescing Visions (was 2000 Coalescing Visions). Items and Rewards
      Corrupted Gladiator's Spite ’s on-use ability cooldown has been reduced to 60 seconds (was 90 seconds). Humming Black Dragonscale ’s levitation effect no longer triggers if the player is affected by a Neural Silencer or Magical Intrusion Dampener . Writhing Segment of Drest'agath 's damage has been increased by 20%. Corrupted Items Echoing Void (Corrupted Effect) can now only trigger from abilities that are on the global cooldown. Echoing Void can now be removed by abilities that dispel Magic effects. Twisted Appendage ’s (Corrupted Effect) health has been reduced to 1% of the player’s maximum health (was 20%). The ground spell effect indicating Eye of Corruption 's (Corrupted Effect) radius of effect is now easier to see on sloped terrain. Lingering Psychic Shell Now applies an absorb shield that prevents 80% of incoming damage, up to the amount of damage indicated on the item. While inside Ny'alotha, the Waking City instance, the wearer’s Corruption Resistance increases the total amount of damage absorbed by up to 50%. Developers’ note: Due to several issues with this trinket, we have changed its functionality to be more intuitive. The tooltip will be updated in a future patch to more accurately reflect the trinket's functionality. Twisted Appendages (Corrupted Effect) can no longer be struck by area-of-effect attacks such as Mages’ Arcane Explosion. Killing Twisted Appendages no longer grant on-kill bonuses from Talents and abilities (e.g. Warriors’ Victory Rush ). Fixed a bug which prevented Ineffable Truth (Corruption Effect) from triggering on some melee and ranged abilities. Heart of Azeroth Corrected an issue where The Crucible of Flame (Essence) sometimes incorrectly healed Wrathion during his encounter in the Nyalotha, the Waking City raid. Player versus Player
      Twilight Devastation (Corruption Effect) has a 12-second cooldown when engaged in combat with enemy players. Twilight Devastation now deals 50% reduced damage when engaged in combat with enemy players. Echoing Void (Corruption Effect) now deals 50% reduced damage when engaged in combat with enemy players. Professions
      Players should be able to discover Cataclysm Engineering recipes again from crafting recipes on that list. Quests
      Players are now able to perform the Nordrassil ritual during “Lunar Preservation ” without breaking any rituals afterward. WoW Classic
      Quest credit for Elune's Blessing should now be granted more consistently.
      Previous hotfixes:
      January 24th January 23rd January 22nd January 21st January 17th
    • By Starym
      We have a quick official reminder of what's changing with this week's reset, from the Mythic and LFR  raid additions to Mythic+, Corrupted item drop and item level changes. You can also check out the Season 4 survival guide and Conquest schedule here.
      Season 4 Weekly Reset (source)
      Here’s a reminder that tomorrow morning, we’re going to see some significant changes:
      Ny’alotha will open for Mythic difficulty and the first wing of Raid Finder difficulty. Mythic Keystone dungeons at +7 or higher, as well as PvP Rank 2 or higher, will now award end-of-run items that scale up to item level 465 (at Mythic +15 and Gladiator, respectively). Weekly chests for Mythic Keystone and PvP activities now contain Season 4 items, which are always Corrupted (if the item is eligible – trinkets cannot be Corrupted). Weekly chest rewards now scale up to item level 475, and do not Warforge/Titanforge.
    • By Starym
      With N'Zoth's ending turning out to be a bit anti-climactic for some players, it seems the Old God might indeed have some tricks up his sleeve, and the pretend-N'Zoth "hacking" Blizzard have been incorporating into their tweets might be a bit more real. It seems killing the endboss of Ny'alotha doesn't register as a kill for some groups, meaning they'd get the loot from the boss (including the mount you'd get for Ahead of the Curve), but not the achievement or quest progress and, most importantly, the lockout. Some groups have re-killed him and received loot a second time.

      As you can see in the video below, the boss goes down to 2% and then proceeds to die, and even the logs have it marked as a 2% wipe, but the cutscene played, the boss was on the ground and the loot was given:
      And here's a second example:

      There's a reddit thread discussing it, with some players reluctant to re-kill the boss for fear of suspensions, but still needing the Ahead of the Curve achievement or quest progress, while some have already killed it twice, but also mention fearing bans. They've all submitted tickets, tweeted customer support etc, but still no word some 24 hours later. Hopefully it gets resolved soon and those anxiously waiting for a re-kill without the fear of repercussions can get their clear, or at leas their achievement and quest progress, before the reset. With the Mythic race coming up tomorrow, hopefully this has just affected a small amount of players.
      Huge thanks to Schneider on twitter for bringing this to our attention!

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    • By Starym
      Well, this one's "a bit" late, but we thought we'd take a look anyway since the Mythic progression race starts tomorrow, and we can still get a good feel for the fight and the goal all those guilds will be running towards. The kill was claimed on Wednesday, January 22nd by US guild Imperative, which means it took them a day to clear all of Heroic and down the final boss. The final pull took just over 10 minutes and we'll definitely be seeing that number go up for Mythic, with the unknown mechanics and possibly phase(es?) being added to it, as well as the big hope for an additional Mythic-only cutscene or dialogue snippet to give N'Zoth a bit of a better sendoff than we've seen so far.

      Imperative is one of the guilds that will be streaming their Mythic progress as well, and are featured on the Method stream event. They're a pretty new guild and haven't had any high-level success in the Mythic race so far, but as they're comprised of former Blood Legion, Wildcard Gaming and Vigil members, there's plenty of experience there and they seem to be pushing a bit more this time around so they're definitely one to keep an eye out in the US/OC scene.
      Here's their raid composition (not quite sure why there are 21 players listed, presumably a bug, or Imperative are getting REALLY creative with the game mechanics):

      And here's the (disappointing, as per general consensus of the community) final N'Zoth death cutscene after his defeat, which has many players hoping and praying for a new one after the Mythic kill:
      The Mythic progression race starts tomorrow and we'll be covering it here as well, with daily summaries of the events with plenty of clips and stats, and it's going to be a damn good one with two separate streaming events and the two top guilds, Method and Limit, being so close after the last race.

      Header image source.

      World First race related articles
      Complexity-Limit to Host Their Own Ny'alotha Race Event
      Method's Race to World First: Ny'alotha Announced
      The Raid History World First Timeline
      The Eternal Palace Mythic Race Summaries Hub
      Method Down Queen Azshara Mythic World First + Video, Raid Comp
      Mythic Jaina World First by Method!
      Ragnaros Classic Down World First by APES
      Method and the Future of the World First Race Coverage
      Red Bull Announce Their Own Eternal Palace Race Event
      Method to Livestream Uldir Mythic Progress for First Time in History
    • By Stan
      With the Darkshore Warfront now available on Heroic difficulty, we have a new cutscene that involves Tyrande.
      The cutscene is narrated by Tyrande Whisperwind who has become the Night Warrior and the embodiment of Elune's wrath in Battle for Azeroth. She stressed out the importance of the bond between the Kaldorei and we also see Genn Greymane in the crowd.
      Darkshore Warfront Cutscene
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