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Necromancer Corpse Lance LON

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I am building a Necromancer Legacy of Nightmares Corpse Lance build.

My question is why does the build say to use the Swamp Waders when that item is specific for Witch Doctors?

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You will see this a lot in LoN builds honestly. It really isn't uncommon.

The issue is that there aren't a large amount of really good Legendary options for the Pants Slot for LoN builds to run, and the few that exist tend to be very build/ability specific.

As a Necro, your only really viable options for the Pants Slot that are Legendary would be Golemskin Breeches and Depth Diggers. Both of which have Legendary effects that only benefit you if you run a build that run their associated abilities (Golem/Generators) and otherwise really do nothing else for you in particular.


Being that not all builds run these abilities or have the room to wiggle them onto their bar many LoN builds end up running Swamp Land Waders in the Pants Slot because they wouldn't be getting the benefit of a Legendary effect from that slot anyways already so they aren't really losing anything for running them.


The benefit being that Swamp Land Waders are unique in regards to the Pants slot in that they are the only option for that slot that can roll with a % elemental damage affix, and in addition are guaranteed to roll with that affix, making them somewhat easier to perfect (especially since we are ignoring the Legendary effect completely).


To put it more simply, since you likely aren't getting any legendary effect from the pants slot anyways, you get more from that % elemental damage roll than you would from any other available option.

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