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International & Incomprehensible Forum Game

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So I have a new idea for a discussion topic. It's a little game (ok, not really a game).


1) Name what state and/or country you were born in

2) Name what state and/or country you currently live in

3) Name one thing you love most about your country

4) Name one thing you hate most about your country

5) State what you think the top qualities of a good society are

6) Tell the poster above you which country you think they should live in and why




Ok so here is me:


1) Pennsylvania, USA

2) South Carolina, USA

3) Simplicity to travel and trade among each state (Eisenhower Interstate System)

4) Corporatism/Gerrymandering has come to define the USA

5) Strive to constantly learn, no corporatism, pride in cleanliness and efficiency, no prejudices, little government involvement

6) n/a, I'm the first poster

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1. Southern Finland. Finland.

2. Still southern Finland. Finland. (A little more west than before.)

3. The change in seasons is very clear. Hot, bright summers and cold, dark winters.

4. The cold is sometimes very damn cold.

5. Cooperation, mutual respect among its people, taking pride in the part you play in the community and value that of others'.

6. You should live here in Finland. You're a frost mage so you could handle the cold. 

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1. Maine, US

2. Missouri, US

3. relatively high standard of living compared to the lower half of the world's population.

4. Education and healthcare are expensive and driven by corporate interests. a class system is quickly developing in the country. The middle class is being outsourced to China and India. Research and intellectual properties won't be enough to keep the country competitive in the future. The NSA, the war machine, the corporate prison complex, our foreign policies, the gutting of the space program.

5. opportunity for upward mobility, affordable education and healthcare, a strong financial safety net, freedom to do whatever I want as long as it isn't hurting someone else. Understanding that 'trickle up' economics is a far more reliable model than 'trickle down' economics.

6. Why would anyone ever want to leave the Nordic Countries? that's about as close to heaven as you can find on earth. but I suppose maybe you could move to Sweden for more beautiful women wink.png

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1) Quebec, Canada

2) Quebec, Canada

3) Free/inexpensive Healthcare and Education

4) Corruption on pretty much every level of government, and politicians trying to cut free education and healthcare in an effort to look a bit more like the US.

5) Accessible healthcare and education, freedom of speech, transparency from the politicians, and a couple more I don't know how to word in english :(

6) Other than our horrible economic policies, you should move to Canada... before they actually cut the free education and healthcare.

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1) NSW, Australia

2) NT, Australia

3) Easy going, underpopulated and full of all types of adventure.

4) Damn it gets hot! Also being so large family becomes quite spread apart.

5) Transparency, accountability and not over regulated. Too many rules and regulations hinder growth through fear of failure. How many great ideas have been missed because there were too many rules or people were too scared to speak up?

6) Here, beer fixes everything :)

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1) Turkey

2) England

3) Successfully transforming into a secular, republic after independence war

4) Not transparent enough and not respectful to human rights up to universal standarts

5) Honesty, transparency, respect. Politicians work for people not the other way around.

6) US perhaps and join the libertarion movement

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Sen'jin Village

Shrine of the moons

Lots of female blood elves 


Trainers and Portal

Dalaran cause it is a free place


Quebec  , Canada

Quebec  , Canada

Travelling across Canada

 Quebec's separatists

Freedom of speech and religion , respect for tax payers and death penalty for corrupted politicians

Come to Canada , Toronto is a great city BC is beautiful Alberta plenty of opportunity

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1) Dordrecht, The Netherlands

2) Dordrecht, The Netherlands

3) dem herbs

4) the general attitude of people in general, especially in cities (I guess this goes for plenty of other countries aswell)

5) acceptance, being coorporative (Did I write that OK?)

6) I guess the Netherlands, we have weed aplenty.

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