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Rise of Azshara Crossroads Cutscene

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The Crossroads cutscene takes place after the Stay of Execution Scenario of Patch 8.2. This article contains spoilers.

Baine Bloodhoof has been trapped by Sylvanas and the Heroes of both factions work together to save him in the latest chapter of the War Campaign. Jaina probably helped saved Baine, because he turned in her raised brother Derek to the Alliance. It appears that Thrall, Saurfang, and Baine forge an alternative to Sylvanas' Horde, and we will need to wait what Sylvanas is up to in the latest content update. Remember, that she wields Xal'atath, Blade of the Black Empire Xal'atath, Blade of the Black Empire and we still need to determine her role in the major conflict against N'Zoth. Here's the cutscene uploaded by MMO-Champion.

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My heaaaart can't take this. Holy molly. Laura Bailey and Chris Metzen at their best.

(On a side note, I reaaaaaally wanna see BfA skins for Jaina and Thrall in HotS)

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I've been playing WoW on and off since 2005, first with my gf at the time and we both always loved the relationship between Thrall and Jaina, their friendship (or more?) despite being Horde and Alliance, glad to see it being revisited in this patch/expac, it hasn't been touched upon in a very long time, also glad to see Thrall mention all of his failures, most of which came with naming Garrosh Warchief which led to both Cairne and VolJin dying, he's been *filtered* up since he killed Deathwing

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Heard alot of people mention its the "End" of the Horde and Alliance as we know them, I think Sylvanas is going to be dethroned but not killed since she is a fan favourite, perhaps mostly from the WC3 days, and Bain is prob going to end up Warchief.

Also saw some forum posts about "Defense of Thunder Bluff", the "SoO" of BFA with a fraction of the Alliance spearheaded by Jaina and the Saurfang rebelion, including some Horde Leaders, defending Thunder Bluff against Sylvanas and her forces.

Blizzard did say that we will know for sure who is the endboss in the 8.3 cinematic and (SPOILERS INC!) ... since we´re prob going to end up releasing or weaken N´zoths prison during or after the Azshara fight in 8.2. Blizzard said they didnt wanna make another Garrosh with Sylvanas becoming warchief but its leaning more and more towards that if you ask me.

And is it just me ... or does Mulgore along with Thunder Bluff look very nice with the cinematic look, hope it makes it into the game.

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