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What class do you recommend? (returning player) + context inside

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Hello, I havent played since the Uldir patch and im not sure which class would suit my preferences. I mainly enjoy doing mythic+ and id like to be able to pug high(ish) keys. As a frame of reference back in the Uldir patch my range was about +10. So not the most competitive but still nice and challenging. 

I know I want to play a melee class but im not sure which one. Since ill be pugging ill want a class that's usually sought after. What melee classes do you guys think are best for m+ ?

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Most dungeons have seen (or will see?) some rework, so it's hard to say if the old meta still holds true, at least in terms of utility. Then you also have the essences which might throw things completely out of whack since they are very hard to balance.

I'd say that you can't really go wrong with a Rogue. Even if they are not gonna be as potent as they were in Season 2, the idea of wanting a rogue or two in your group is still gonna persist in the minds of many players. And in terms of DPS at least one of the three specs is gonna be very high up on the meters.

After that you're gonna see a lot of DHs, some WWs and some Retris. Again, that's based on Season 2, who knows what will happen in Season 3.

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