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Working on what as a WW (Haste . Crit or Mastry)

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Yo Dudez

As a WW Monk I have some question ?

Which of these Stats are better for me cuz I think I am doing low DPS .

Here is the armory


I have all the Trinkets that drops from SoO and want to know which one is better also ?

I'm doing 230K on a Single Target Dummy and near 260K on a 10men raid.

I'm using askmrrobot for reforging and stuff like this.

world of logs will be added as soon as I can raid in near future :D

tnx any way.

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Hi Shimino,


From what i gather once you have hit the soft crit cap(i believe the cap is 57% for DW and 76% for 2H) with a sufficient amount of haste(11 - 12k) Agility is still high priority but crit will still be a desirable stat over haste and mastery. The Soft crit cap only affects your white swing damage so even though the value diminishes over the crit cap it is still better than the other stats. Agir crit hybrid gems will probably give you the best outcome.

Ask Mr Robot has these weights built in so if you follow the default weights you cant go too far wrong.


As for trinkets AoC is pretty lackluster for monks IMO because the cooldown reduction doesn't benefit WW very well.


IMO go for the Ticking detonator and Harroms Trinket from shamans.


You are also running Ascension, Chi brew if used correctly will give you more DPS than Ascension will.


Happy Killing :)

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