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Blue Posts, June 3rd: WSG Flag Rez Fix, Stitches, Vanilla CE Pets Clarification

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There's a couple of relatively minor blue posts today detailing some bug fixes and clarifying a couple of details on original Vanilla Collector's Edition pets and Classic.

First off we have a fix to the WSG bug that allowed a particularly enterprising/exploitative druid player to not only instantly rez after being killed with the flag, but also then instantly teleport back to his faction base and deliver the flag, getting a point in the process. This has been happening for a few weeks now and today we got confirmation that it was a bug and that it's (probably) been fixed in the meantime:

Blizzard LogoWSG (source)

In a previous WSG, the score was 2-0 Horde/Alliance…the Horde as usual had a full compliment of players, whilst we had only eight. Towards the end, a mage and I were on a druid, I am sure if you are Alliance you have played against him. We killed him right outside the flag room. SOMEHOW he insta-reszzes at his base WITH the flag. Turns it in and the Horde win.

Either there is a huge bug that is not being listed here. Or someone is using hacks in beta.

We’ve confirmed that this was a bug, and we believe we’ve fixed it in recent builds.

We then have some passive abomination problems, as the legendary Stitches has apparently decided to take it easy for a bit:

Blizzard LogoStitches (source)


Several sources show that it was not the case during Vanilla or even in TBC :


- Andycloud

FYI this is just a bug, and we’re working on fixing it. Stitches will behave as expected.

And finally it's on to a pretty specific issue where a person with a collector's edition of the original Vanilla WoW actually needs to be using that specific account to gain access to the pets gained with it in Classic, despite the new multiple-account-wide system we have today:

Blizzard LogoVanilla Collector's Pets (source)

We hope you didn’t feel that you needed to spend $15 to check this.

You’ve basically got it right – the Collectors Edition pets do not behave in WoW Classic the same as they do in Battle for Azeroth. In Battle for Azeroth, pets are (Battle.net) account-wide, so access to them in one of your World of Warcraft accounts grants them to you across all of your World of Warcraft accounts.

In WoW Classic, it works the classic way: it only grants the CE pets to CE World of Warcraft accounts.

If you play WoW Classic on your “time capsule” account, you’ll get the CE pets. If you play WoW Classic on your account you started in Wrath of the Lich King, you won’t get the CE pets.

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