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s17 invoker crusader legendary gems question

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Hello all, 

Many guides say to use Trapped, boyarsky, and stricken for GR pushing. I find that I die fairly often unless i replace the Trapped with Esoteric Alteration (molten, arcane, *filtered* like that). My gear isnt perfect but its pretty well set up. What can I do? keep the esoteric? get more resist all on my build? I have solo cleared GR95 with 4 minutes remaining.




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Your secondary rolls are pretty poor, with most of the ones that aren't thorns being +XP or pickup radius, so you're missing a lot of potential resistance there. Are you also trying to keep the Endless Walk bonus up? If you're just standing still, that'll impact it a lot as well.

Other than that, I'm not sure what else could be impacting it. It could just be bad rifts, bad mob types, etc., but without seeing you play, that's tough to say.

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I won't be taking my esoteric off for trapped for ages. Getting all ancients with perfect rolls, including secondary, is going to take some time considering I switch between all the classes. And I would need those perfect items and all resist all gems in order to do so on HC IMO. I suggest you wait til you are much closer to perfect gear. Including those secondary rolls of single resistances. Make the switch to all resist all gems when you do. You can clear 100 without trapped. Again, switch the law between resistance and attack speed depending on what you feel you lack more at any given current level. But I do resistance in law and in esoteric, with strength gems for now, until I get more resistances. I actually have only 1 good resistance roll. Still a wasted crit roll for chance and dmg each too. 

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