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Getting exp without exp

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Hi there,


I am looking for someone who can help me with my problem.


As I work in a 3-shift job and my raiding time is reduced to every third week I cannot really join any regular raiding team. Most of the time I only do pugs, but from the very first day I started to raid I am having troubles finding a group that would take me to raids when I have no previous experience on some bosses.


So far in SoO I managed to get to Thok normal with some random groups, but now I am stuck for many weeks and cannot find a group that would take me with them further. And for pug groups Thok is ussualy the last boss in this instance.:-/


I always try to prepare for raids as much as I can...reading guides, watching videos, always trying to get better and better with my class, but I still cannot convince anybody to give me a chance.


So I thought maybe here I can find somebody who can help me...maybe some experienced raider make a raid for ppl like me...or pointing me to a right guild, that would have understanding for my situation...or something.


I am not looking for a boost...I am looking for an opportunity to show my skills and finally kill Garrosh.


These are my two main chars I want to raid with, if anybody interested:





I even have some logs from my warlock:



(I know...there are still things to improve and I´m working on it.) ;-)


Somebody pls help me, coz I am getting desperate and really wanna progress further.

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