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Lol of the week!

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Im not sure if this is a repost but i got a laugh out of it.


Today, I was running SoO in LFR for the first time, which is where I met the worst mage I have ever seen in an LFR.

So the raid starts and everything is peachy. We're clearing out all those naughty cannons, and we only lose a couple of people to landmines. Everything seems to check out. The DPS is sexy, the healing is sexy, and of course, my tanking is pretty okay if I may say so myself.

We finished clearing up all the cannon nonsense and ran back to the ship to fight the protodrake boss who's name begins with a G. Rather than use the handy tool of google, I'm going to take a wild guess and say Garalak.

So the trash starts charging us, and that's when I met her. She only seemed to know how to cast one spell; Blizzard. Not only that, but she seemed to have forgotten how to aim the damn spell. I kindly asked her to aim the blizzard over the trash I was tanking, but no, she had the audacity to ask me and the rest of the raid to relocate the pull into her AoE.

Even when there were only one or two mobs left in the pack, she insisted on continuing to use Blizzard, rather than any number of higher damage dealing, single target spells.

Seriously, a mage that only knows one spell, and doesn't even know how to aim it. How could anyone that bad reach level 90?

Not only was her spell usage borderline retarded, but by the looks of her HP pool, she had to have been stacking some serious stam gems.

The worst part was, when we tried to kick her, she didn't even appear in the raid frame! So we left and tried to re queue, but lo and behold, she was in this raid group too! And the next! And the next!

SHE SEEMS TO BE FOLLOWING ME AROUND! Every time I try to do SoO, she's in the damn group!

This mage has driven me to insanity. I can't run SoO without running into her. So please Blizzard, please, do something about this mage! I'd like to report this person for trolling, hacking, and harassment! Her name is Jaina, and I think she's from the Proudmoore server.


I am so going to macro this, im surprised i did think of it myself LOL


Link to forum post


surprising how many people either missed it or trolled the naming of the player or "typical LFR".

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Had the same issue with some blood elf mage, Aethas or something, not sure... But he was casting flamestrikes instead :/

That sucks, omg! It even has an 8 minutes cd....

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