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WW Monk gearing questions

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So my guild is currently 9/14 heroic SoO and the question has come up (since we're about to get into these bosses) as to whether or not the heroic t-16 4pc set bonus is worth it or if it is better to take the 2pc set bonus and fill the other 3 spots with H-WF pieces.


If, in fact, the H-WF with the 2pc set bonus is the best, which 2 of the tier pieces are best and which H-WF pieces would you select as BiS?


In addition, if anyone has any sort of spreadsheet or simmed dps readout, I'd love to see it.



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I have no hard evidence but from what i can see/gather when you have correctly itemised gear you shouldn't have any resource problems so the 4 piece to me seems a bit crappy. I would expect that well itemised HWF off pieces would be more superior. The 2 set is still a good dps increase though.


As for which pieces i am not sure, i guess you could run some Mr Robot tests an see which pieces offer you the best stat increase to meet your caps.

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