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The Not a Bug List Strikes Again - Berserker Stance

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Update: there was an addition blue post that further clarified the situation. It has been added to the bottom of the article.

Here we go again! It seems players keep getting convinced that something's not quite right™ over on the WoW Classic beta, and this time around it's the extra critical strike chance granted by warriors' Berserker Stance.

Blizzard LogoBerserker Stance (source)

Thanks to extensive testing done on the beta by Puffymuffins, Towneh, and Vilius over at the classic warrior discord, we’ve encountered what appears to be a pretty significant bug with Berserker Stance. Against +3 level mobs, Berserker Stance’s +3% crit bonus is not applying to our attacks and as a result our effective crit chance is 3% lower than it should be. We’re aware of the 1% crit reduction per level difference, this is an additional 3% reduction. If we attack mobs of the same level in Berserker Stance, then we are seeing expected crit values. Attacking +3 level mobs while in Defensive or Battle Stance is also giving us expected crit values, after factoring in crit suppression, as can be seen here:


In our analysis of 5178 hits, we show that when fighting +3 lvl mobs in Berserker Stance the measured crit chance was ~3% lower than expected on each individual test and also when doing a weighted average of all the tests:

Overall crit chance (weighted average):

  • Spell book: 15.61%
  • Expected: 12.61% (-3% crit suppression)
  • Measured: 9.75% ±0.82%

Additionally, all other attack table results match what what’s expected when fighting +3 level mobs (comparing to our extensive log collection totaling ~15k hits) which further validates these results.

As a control, we also did tests on same level mobs with no weapon skill bonus to see if this bug was caused by some interaction of weapon skill, crit suppression, level difference and the Berserker Stance bonus. In these tests, the measured crit chance was as expected given the tolerances:

Overall crit chance (weighted average):

  • Spell book: 17.19%
  • Expected: 17.19%
  • Measured: 16.93% ±1.22%

The detailed analysis and combat logs of our tests can be found over here:




Hi All,

We looked into this.

Modifiers to Critical Strike chance are reduced against enemies 3 levels higher than the player-character. We tested a variety of modifiers to Critical Strike, such as: Berserker Stance, the Cruelty talent, and critical strike chance on gear. They all behaved the same as they did in 1.12, so we’ve concluded that there’s no bug here.

Thanks for the report!


I’m not going to get too deep into the specific math on this one, but for the sake of clarity, I’ll say that this is not a per-aura modifier and it is separate than the 3% suppression that is baseline against +3 level creatures. There is a single modifier placed on total Critical Strike gained from auras that increase Crit chance such as those I listed in my last post.

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The way the blue reply is worded implies that this is the case for all classes and critical strike, rather than just warriors. Which means DPS in Classic WoW should be lower than on private servers, since people will have less crit in general, especially at higher levels of gear if its a % reduction on crit gains against bosses rather than a flat one.

This could make raiding a little bit more interesting / harder, lets see 🙂

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