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This Tournament is Total BS! ;)

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Not sure if this already had a post put up about it. But if not then here's one ?

NotParadox is hosting a friendly community tournament every Sunday in July (this month). And it's just for Bronze & Silver rank players! ?

Hence the tournament is satirically called 'Tournament of BS!'.

Here's a link to the videos he posted about the second week of it tomorrow with updated rules for it.


And I'll post the rules here too. In case you don't care to watch the video.


Every Sunday in July, 10am PST for EU. 5pm PST for NA. 

Tourney Discord rooms will be open during signups 2 hours prior to start. 

Link: https://discord.gg/2mujGtg

*New Rules for 7/14 week*

Signup in the discord, hang out in the waiting room, you will be assigned to a team you keep the entire tournament. Double elimination. Each member of the winning team will get to choose their own prize. 


------------ Account:

Must be bronze or silver in storm league with over level 250 hero levels. 

Must not be silenced

Must be able to listen in voice comms. 

------------ Joining

Join the discord: https://discord.gg/mphSXat

Join in game Chat: /join notparadox

Then sign up by submitting to the discord room a screenshot of your accountname and rank. If the screenshot doesn't match the account played you will not get rewards. 

------------ Charity

This tournament is ran in partnership with Humble Bundle and we are donating a portion of the proceeds to different charities. This week: Child's Play. A Charity about giving video games to children stuck in hospitals from chronic illnesses. 


------------ Prizes

Humble Bundle

I am running this tournament to keep people playing the game even if their ranks are a bit lower than they would like. 

Because of the partnership I have with Humble Bundle and the focus with the charity, all of the prizes will be from those. 

Also because of some country rules on competitions, I cannot promise prizes, nor charge any sort of fees, so the prizes are just "gifts" we will be calling prizes. 

Prizes will be small in the beginning and hopefully grow. 


Ok guys & gals. I hope this helps get more people to participate. ? I know I'll be there tomorrow and the next two weeks this month too ? 


Good Luck & Have Fun everybody!

See you in the Nexus! 

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