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[N] 10 Man Siegecrafter Blackfuse Questions

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Hello all. Our 10 man raid group started 3 weeks ago. We are 11/14 and hit Blackfuse last night. In my opinion this is the first fight where you have a lot of stuff going on and what not.


We had a tough time with him, lowest we ever got was down to 39%. I'm not sure if we are just not familiar with the fight yet or what the deal is yet.


We plan to go back in there tonight and I thought I would come here to see if I could get any advice or pointers. I'm always open to suggestions to progress!


I've read through the material on here and have watched the icyveins video and fatboss tv video. 


Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.

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Our group found the laser and the missile to be the easiest ones to handle, so we focus heavily on magnets and crawlers.


Just find the right combination of mechanics for your team and manipulate them into your favor.

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