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How much better can I get single target?

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After a long break from Panda land I'm almost raid ready in terms of ilvl, but I also want to be in terms of skill. The main thing that I think needs work is my chaos bolt damage, but im not sure if thats possible considering I don't even have an intellect stacking trinket. I'm forced to dump excess embers on jade spirit procs sometimes ( yuck).



How much room exists for improvement at 537 ilvl?

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You're gemming for hit and then reforging out of 1300 hit. That's...silly.


AD is a crummy talent, the two charges do not recharge independently so you're only gaining 1 DS per fight. KJC is far more valuable to DPS.


Immolate uptime was meh on Protectors, awesome on IJ.


Saw you using Observer for Protectors, personally I would use Imp because of all the target swapping. The DPS gain will be minor though. As soon as you get KTT change to GoSac anyways.


Other then this I'm not seeing anything major. Gear is massively holding you back.

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