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[WW] Gems and Set-bonus

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Hello there, I have two question regarding gemming and the 4p-Setbonus for Windwalker


Now, the guide on Icy-Veins advices me to go agi>crit for gemming. So pure Agi in Red, Agi/crit in Yellow and Agi/something in Blue.

But AskMrRobot goes Crit>Agi. So Agi/Crit in Red, pure Crit-Yellow and Crit/something in Blue.

Now i'm a bit confused but maybe there's just a quick answer for it.

I know that the weights of Agi and Crit are pretty close (4.95 agi and 2.5 crit on Robot), so maybe it doesn't even matter so much but hey, it can be something :)


And regarding the 4p for WW: How good is it? I've seen some people going with the 2p and off-set for better stats; telling me 4p is bad etc.

I feel it's just style and feel of playing for some, but i'd like to hear more opinions on this.

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I don't know that much about Windwalker, but I can tell you that Ask Mr. Robot is only as good as the weights you put in.  If you go solely off the default weights, you're probably doing something wrong.  If you think it should go one way or the other, adjust the weights so that it does it.

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It depends, what do you think is right?  Do you think the default weights are right? do you think the agility gems are right?


From small things I've seen I think gemming agility is better.


Here is a general rundown of how weights work:


First since gems have double secondary stats than primary, a secondary stat weight is technically double when compared to a primary.  So if Agility is set to 1, and haste is set to .5, then haste and agility will have the SAME weight.


So if you want to gem more agility, you would want to make sure any secondary stat is worth less than HALF of what agility is (i.e. Agility = 1 and haste/crit/mastery <= .49)


This is something I made:



Now dont take these weight unless you think they work for you.  I don't know windwalker, so I'm just going off some general knowledge.


I first asked, "How mush haste do I think I need?"  I decided that should be around 12,000 haste rating.


I then changed agility weight to 5 (since its easier to round down half) and then set Haste below Agility (2.49).  I then made sure crit was the next highest (2.4) and pretty much left the rest on its own.


Now after doing this go look at your optimization. Decide, "Am I getting enough haste?"(Bring the crit rating lower so haste hase more priority) "Do I have too much or not enough mastery?" (bring the mastery weight down to give less or more emphasis to it and other stats) "Am I at hit cap? Do I care if I'm slightly below?" (adjust "force hit" options, not the weights).



These are the questions you should ask yourself when looking through it before you actually blindly make the change.  Thinking about these things will help you learn the class at a bit of a deeper level and understand what you're actually doing with your gear, becasue once you know you are optimized the way you need/want then the rest of the problems are your play style.

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And about 4pc.  Again, I don't know if its bad or good, but the one good wind walker I know isn't using it at the moment, which as you already presumed tells me its not great.  I don't know for sure though

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I dont play WW as a main spec but i have got some knowledge and a few friends that do WW at a high level.


The 4 set imo is bad because at higher gear levels resources are not a problem (energy and chi) and the 4 set boosts your chi usage ability. Due to the nature of chi gaining and usage a geared WW should not have problems gaining and spending chi and the set bonus could cause you to cap your chi and this would be a dps loss.


As for the gemming afaik there is a soft haste cap for crit that is desirable to hit (57% for DW and 76% for 2H if i remember correctly) and this will make your white swings crit and will increase that auto attack damage.


The value of crit after this is lower but still outranks haste (above 11 - 12K haste) and mastery. At this point you should stack as much agi as you can whilst trying to use any socket bonus that is more than +60 agi (imo). Crit will still give you higher dps after the caps but is slightly reduced.


I hope this helps :)

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