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Healing Druid 1.12 (Classic)

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Guest Stat Priority

It seems that under stat priority, the explanation of how healpower works is incorrect. It depends on cast time of spell (untalented) and it gets an additional penalty for being a rank of spell obtained at lowever than level 20. If i remember correct there is some bonus for using spells that are obtained above level 55 (if i'm not wrong).

Also the ordering of stat priority is a little wierd, as it doesn't clarify how you trade between stats. I dunno about the mp5 and spirit, but the value of crit to spell power is around 1 crit for 8 heal power if you are moonglow (Natures grace) druid, and around 6 as deep resto. It becomes greater with spell power - but those numbers are decent benchmarks. It should however be clarified that the actual value is hard to measure reasonably as it depends heavily on Playstyle. As an example - if you happen to use Woosholays charm (high cast speed use) and be the one to save your raid by spamming fast heavy hitting heal touch spells the value of spell crit may be upwards of 16 healpower. If you like to keep it consistent it may go as low as 3 healingpower with natures grace and around 1 for deep resto.

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