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Crit Chicken Sadness

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So I am very VERY new to not only playing a druid in a raiding scenario but also the role of DPS as well. I have played healer since the dawn of time (Early BC) but have absolutely no idea how to make big numbers. I have read numerous guides and have optimized my gear, to the extent of my knowledge; however I just don't seem to be able to perform as strongly as most everyone else (other classes, simply because I hardly ever see boomkins in either LFR or Flex). Because this is the case I have noone to really ask. I have some logs on some fights that I have done recently:


and also my armory link:


My typical rotation is communing towards 75 lunar power, popping starfall and potion, throwing out a wrath into lunar eclipse and popping Incar and NV followed by both DoTs into a Starsurge cast. I continue by  spamming Starfire (and SS procs) and also using my second starfall once the first runs out until either 0 lunar energy or ~15 seconds left on Incar and NV. I then pop CA, berserking (troll racial), my eng glove attachement and immediately throwing dots on the boss followed by a third starfall. I then cast moonfire on any other targets (depends on fight) and then using any SS procs, I then dump starfires into him and make sure to clip dots at the end of my gloves/zerking and then continue to dump starfires until the end of CA and then continue normal boomkin rotation until the cds come up again. I also use a rotation of (if im lucky) NV and my gloves during a lunar eclipse between burst phases. 

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Regarding your armory: our stat priority is Int>Hit to 15%>Haste to 5273>Crit>Mastery. You easily have a high enough item level to hit the 5273 haste breakpoint to get 10 DoT ticks if they are cast under the effects of NG. In fact, with a couple more upgrades, you could go for the 10289 BP to get another tick without sacrificing too much crit. You are 300+ hit over the cap which is wasted stats. Also you reforged into Mastery on your shoulders, gloves and ring 2. While Mastery is helpful to boomkins, it isn't a flat DPS increase as it only affects us during eclipses, which is why it is at the bottom of the priority list (until we're haste capped at 10289 and have an item we can't reforge crit into). You enchanted your bracers and gloves for mastery, swap those out for Int and haste respectively. Also, get the LMG asap, its very helpful.


As for your lvl 90 talent choice, NV is our weakest choice. HotW is probably your best bet. Passive 6% Int increase is nice for the spellpower boost but also gives you more crit, which is always helpful. Your choice of Inc at lvl 60 is fine, though a number of people will argue that FoN is better. FoN is better for single target, however its AoE AI is not great so it falls behind Inc there. 


As for your log, I don't have a lot of experience with Warcraftlogs but with just a precursory look, you seem to be doing OK. 160k dps on Shamans is nothing to be too broken up about, especially considering your gear could use some tweaking. DoT uptime is pretty good (aim for 95% even though this is difficult with boomie). Our single target dps is just OK so fights like IJ aren't a great indicator of what we're capable of.


Just by doing some reforging, gemming and enchanting, you will see a dps increase. The guide on this site goes into all of this with way more detail than I did check it out. 


You've picked a tricky spec to start playing dps with. Don't get too down on yourself, just keep working at it, it takes a while to get the hang of it. Have fun :)

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Just after a really quick cursory glance, your Moonfire/Sunfire uptime seems to be slightly low, around 89% on Juggernaut. You should be aiming to have this as close to 100% as possible, although I understand with knockback etc. on this fight you may have been out of range for a while.


As the poster above said, you should be going for whichever haste breakpoint you can comfortably reach and then more or less stacking crit after that, reforging into mastery shouldn't be done until you have 10289 haste and can't reforge into crit on a particular item.


I also note that you have one of the stacking intellect trinkets, this is getting somewhat more advanced now, but applying your DoTs while this is at a high stack will give you a DoT with a significantly higher crit chance than normal which will give you more Starsurge procs.


In any case, I only play boomkin as an alt so I'm not the most knowledgeable about it, this is just what I gather to be correct. It is true that boomkin is somewhat more difficult than a lot of other DPS specs to play correctly, so don't worry too much about your performance, just keep practicing.

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here some things to know that might help you:

- Use as talentchoice Inc and HotW. NV is weak as Krosys already said. treants are only effective with haste proccs from meta

  in my opinion

- get Meta-legendary-gem asap. This will increase your DPS heavily

  everytime meta proccs get asap to next eclipse and set them dots

- get Legendarycloak. Same here with dps increase

- Within ToT-Itemlevelrange, go for 5273 haste, then all to krit. you only got 28,73% crit (source: armory)

- go more for krit and haste items, less mastery items if possible within this ilvl-range

- If possible in any other way, go for 10289 haste, but do NOT fall below 30% crit!

  => you will see a very increase of smoother gameplay

- dont have more haste over your breakpoint (5273, 10289)... every number is wasted and can be used for crit

- you have too much hit, go for ~15%.

- according to askmrrobot you can optimize your gear (you can raise crit by about 2%)


- use, if not already, weakauras or similar buff tracking addons, to track when every single thing proccs (e.g.breath of the hydra proccs, jade spirit etc)

   => you will def. try to reach next eclipse asap and set new dots

- if available/possible get t16 2pc as long you dont have t15 4pc!

- try to reach an uptime of your dots greater than 95% (yes i know with 5273 haste not that easy)

- use hurrican ONLY within Sun-eclipse


your start rotation sounds good


good luck mate

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