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WoW Gold Worth 28 Times More Than Venezuelan Bolivar

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Kaleb posted some distressing news regarding the state of Venezuela's economy on Twitter, claiming that WoW's virtual currency is worth 28 times more than Venezuela's bolivar.

Update: Originally, we thought the post was written by RT, but in the end, we found out that they decided not to give credit to Kaleb, which is why we've updated it. It seems to stem from his tweet.

Placeholder for tweet 1151215284990222337

Anyway, this was later reposted by RT on Facebook along with a screenshot and some explanations, as to how they came to the conclusion.


"Venezuela's economy has been struggling for quite some time, with people having to carry bags of cash to buy a loaf of bread. What's remarkable is just how low the bolivar is valued at. Currenty, the fake gold of Azeroth, a mythical setting of World of Warcraft, is 28 times more valuable than Venezuela's cash."



Later on, they explained how they came to that conclusion using WoWToken.info, a site which tracks WoW Token prices in all regions.


"One dollar is worth 248,490 Venezuelan Bolivars. WoW tokens, which are used to extend game time and buy in-game items, can be purchased for $20. These tokens can also be purchased for a fluctuating amount of in-game gold. Currently, the WoW Token in EU is worth 176,009 gold. In theory, one dollar trades for roughly 8,800 gold and by those calculations, WoW gold is worth approximately 28 times as much as the bolivar."



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In Ukraine, where you can use PayPal only to pay, no one accepts WoW gold as a currency. Help the new government to restore the situation to what it should be! F2P want their rivhts protected! For Azeroth! For the Horde and the Alliance!

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This is actually inaccurate; The real current price of the venezuelian bolivar is around 12.000bs to 1$ (this bolivar soverano [bs] is a converted version from the bolivar fuerte which is a converted version from the real initial bolivar. This means that 1$ is actually 120.0000.000.000b because the goverment renamed the bolivar and droped 3 0s and then 5 0s). So the table to compare current bolivars to 1 WoW gold is:

20$ = 125.000g
1$ = 6.250g
1$= 12.000bs
1g = 1.92bs (192.000 in original bolivars)

So if the goverment didnt change the name to compress the numbers, the real bolivars to gold ratio is WoW gold is 192.000 times more expensive than Venezuela's money. As you might think, yes, there is a lot of people living of selling world of warcraft gold (though blizzard is contantly blocking their IPs for gifting in order to avoid this, they always find a way)

Source: Dolartoday.com | I'm from Venezuela | Price of WoW Token in Hyjal

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Venezuela's economy is oilbased and because of saudi arabia's overproducing the oil price is low. US sanctions are making it harder for venezuela to do business.

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21 hours ago, xendrius said:

Venezuela's economy is oilbased and because of saudi arabia's overproducing the oil price is low. US sanctions are making it harder for venezuela to do business.

Venezuela's economy is tanked because the government tanked it. They took over all oil production from legitimate businesses like Exxon. They came in with the military and took it.

Then they ran it into the ground.

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