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heroic Malkorok - looking for advice

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Hey guys,


i'm playing a protection paladin, with an ilvl of 568 and 47.50% haste...


looking for ideas why i'm so much lower in DPS then anyone in the raid including the other tank.


link to logs: http://worldoflogs.com/reports/4d1wsoi91v1ol1me/analyze/dd/source/?s=8447&e=8723


my armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/ravencrest/Jackspeare/simple


General heroic log (to show im still lower): http://worldoflogs.com/reports/4d1wsoi91v1ol1me/analyze/dd/source/?s=2311&e=2897



any ideas as to how i could improve my DPS would be appreciated. either i'm missing something here or that's just how paladins are compared to warriors/druids ?



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Warriors do insane damage with the avoidance heavy gearing and having the SS and Revenge glyphs. I'm having threat issues due to the large gap in DPS with my warr co-tank too.


Just keep in mind that in the end you are a tank, and DPS is not first priority for you. I cannot rly give any pointers how to increase it, but just saying its nothing to get discouraged about.

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DPS is definitely not your biggest priority. I don't understand why people are always looking only at DPS. Even DPS shouldn't watch only DPS because there are so many things that can affect it in raid encounters that you shouldn't watch it - for example, some people are covering more puddles during the encounter than others. That will affect their dps.


In your case, note that you have half the damage taken compared to the other tank. You also have 60k HPS in the encounter. What does that mean?


1. You will do less dps because you are getting less damage.

2. The encounter is very hard for the healers and your offheals and your low damage taken make it much easier for them.


What can you do?

Check that your glyphs are prepared for single-target dps (e.g  Focused Shield).

One of your best single-target spell is your 90-level talent - Execution Sentence. You are using Light's Hammer, probably to help with the healing. However, note that your Light's Hammer does only about 1M of total healing. Consider replacing it with Execution Sentence.


Threat problems - well, I never had threat problems as a paladin but I would advice you to taunt on cooldown when you are tanking the boss - until you build some threat. Switching to execution sentence will also be a big help. You also have two hunters in your group, make sure they are using misdirect. Keep in mind you have Hand of Salvation and you can effectively reset the threat on other players.

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Hey Jackspeare,


I took your logs and applied them on my analysis spreadsheet, which I've posted the results in my Protection Paladin Weekly Analysis thread. I'll respond here as well.



Here is the spreadsheet's analysis:



Firstly, don't be too discouraged by the low percents on the Expected DPS, and Expected Survivability. The main reason this is so low is due to the uptimes on your Eternal Flame and Shield of the Righteous.


I'd like to point out that this chart is based on the average damage of each of your abilities in that one fight, and is assuming your haste as you said it was. The Damage Taken section accounts for the absorbs on your melee just to allow for an accurate assumption of the damage taken increase based on your lower uptime.



What these numbers mean:


The spreadsheet itself is solely meant to analyze your rotation. This shows that you could be doing 50% more damage if you followed the rotation: CS, Judgement, FILLER, CS, FILLER, Judgement, CS, FILLER, FILLER. No matter what spells you have off CD, following this exact rotation will allow you to have less empty GCDs where you just stand there unable to attack. That is the cause for most paladins' DPS loss. Since your rotation is not being followed accurately, it is also causing you to miss some Shield of the Righteous uses and Eternal Flame uses, which is the reason for your large survivability loss.



Other Issues:


There are other reasons as to why your dps is so low. The first reason is that you aren't a part of Blood Rages, which means you're losing a substantial amount of vengeance and DPS. If that's the strategy your team works with, you'll have to accept lower DPS during this fight. You also seem to have tanked the boss only 60% as long as your druid friend (excluding blood rages) which means your vengeance was so minimal compared to theirs. All this means that you tank for no time at all, and do much less DPS because of it.


Combining this with your rotation, is the large issue behind your DPS loss. Once you perfect your rotation, you will be doing the reasonable amount of DPS you should be doing. I wouldn't worry about the part where you aren't tanking, because it could just be that its better for the group if Mr. Bear does. Personally I don't think it is, since Paladins have SO many CDs available during Blood Rage, and if you're not tanking blood rages, you'd be a much more suitable tank for the normal portions, since you have all your CDs available for those moments.


Finally, I suggest getting the 4set bonus as fast as you possibly can. It would increase your Eternal Flame from a possible 90% to 99%, and it would allow your Shield of the Righteous to be able to go from 61.68% to 74.02%. It's a very powerful bonus, not to mention it would also allow you to deal more damage overall due to each eternal flame coming back as a Shield of the Righteous. Surprisingly enough, as calculated by Theck, if you were to be using normal tier instead of heroic warforged offpieces, it is still a survivability gain.


I hope this could be of use to you, good luck!

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Awesome answers guys, thank you so much for taking the time !


I tend to agree it's not all about the DPS for tanks, but with such a huge difference, I wanted to analyze it a bit more. thank you for pointing out those things. I will try and tighten my rotation as well as pay extra attention to what you all said.





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