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Eternal Palace Day 15: Top 3 Goes To 3 Different Regions

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We had a bit of a break in the race on day 14, as nothing much happened and the guilds kept progressing and fighting for that 3rd spot, but 15 brought us a bronze medal, as an Asian guild claimed the 3rd spot - but it's not the guild you're expecting. We also talk a little about the time it took each guild to kill Aszhara, and the reset difference between the regions and how it affects the race.

Despite Ji Tian Hong's impressive performance in the first half of Azshara progress, as they were significantly in the lad over other Asian guilds, they didn't manage to close their Palace journey off with a region win. Instead, we saw a bit of a mirror situation of the Limit vs. Method one happen, as previous champions Alpha came back at the end and claimed that Asia 1st, World third on 8/8!

Here are a couple of videos showcasing how Asia's best guild celebrates:


Unfortunately we couldn't find a way to embed their kill video without it being very tiny and without a fullscreen option, so head on over here to check it out, and it's got a pretty damn impressive intro too!

In the end, it did take Alpha longer to get their kill than the EU reset advantage, so Method's kill is also still the fastest by around 13 hours, and Limit kept their 2nd spot in the speed race as well, but only by around 5 hours, considering the 32 hour US>Asia advantage. Now, the WF race doesn't really function the way I described above, as a World First is considered that whenever a guild kills the boss first chronologically. There's been infinite discussion on this, and things have gotten even more complicated with streaming, as that advantage isn't that huge now that the US guilds show the fights to the EU and Asia, so the whole thing is just... well it's a mess. What's (mostly) kept the peace so far in the discussion is the fact that EU guilds have managed to win pretty much all the races since the second raid of MoP, and Asia guilds have also always gotten their kills after the 32 hour US advantage (at least when it comes to the top 3), so there hasn't been an "incident" yet to incite a serious uproar. Regardless of which side of the argument you end up on, I feel we can all agree it's a messed up system, not only for the EU and Asia guilds, but the US ones as well, as they don't really have a choice but to play as-is, because their reset times and day-night cycle force them to play their advantage - and when/if they do get a World First, they'll have to listen to that same argument over and over and we'll be inundated by "World First legit" comments from various communities.

But let's get on to lighter and more positive things, as we forgot to mention Method's raising $65,000 for the Save the Chuldren charity during their stream event, pretty significantly shattering their initial $20,000 goal. Aside fro the amazing act of kindness from the race audience, it's also a massive increase from the previous, Battle of Dazar'alor race, as the goals were broken then too, but to a tune of "only" $17,000.

The other big numbers of the race were the streaming ones, as Method pushed WoW to the top of the twitch charts on the day of the kill, even toppling the Fortnite World Cup itself! Over 200,000 viewers tuned in to Method's various streams around the time of the kill, and they even got the most overall views for the week:

The Red Bull event and its direct partners Limit and Pieces also managed to gain a big 60,000 maximum viewers for the week, obviously during Limit's World 2nd kill and their GM Max actually got the second largest number of hours watched, coming in at 1.1 million Check out the full article over on The Esports Observer.

And so the Eternal Palace raid was a big success, bringing raiding into the esports spotlight once more. With the race as close as it was, it definitely bodes well for the future, and Limit hasve truly shown their mettle and will be even hungrier for the next totally not Siege of Sylvanas raid.


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