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Patch 8.2.5 Build 31337 Highlights

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The initial 8.2.5 build is now available, even though Public Test Realms are still offline and here are the highlights.


  • There's a new Wrathion Scenario taking place in the Karazhan Catacombs.
  • Calia Menethil, Valeera Sanguinar, and Wrathion received brand new models.
  • New mounts have been added in the initial build of Patch 8.2.5. More details can be found below.
  • WoW's 15th Anniversary celebration will feature a Timewalking version of a raid located in Caverns of Time. Chromie will take players back to defeat three memorable bosses of the Burning Crusade, Cataclysm, and Wrath of the Lich King.
  • On top of that, there's a Classic version of Alterac Valley which rewards two faction mounts.
  • We finally have more information regarding the bee mount based on datamined data.
  • Recruit-a-Friend returns with two new mount rewards and a battle pet. More information TBA.
  • A Durotar Warfront map has been added.


  • WoW's 15th Anniversary WoW's 15th Anniversary - Logged in during WoW's 15th Anniversary
  • Alterac Valley of Olde Alterac Valley of Olde - Earn 100 Timewarped Badges from doing quests and participating in Alterac Valley Classic. Reward: Stormpike Battle Ram
  • Alterac Valley of Olde Alterac Valley of Olde - Earn 100 Timewarped Badges from doing quests and participating in Alterac Valley Classic. Reward: Frostwolf Snarler

Battle Pets

  • Lil' Nefarian: WoW's 15th Anniversary Reward - This pocket-sized Lord of Blackrock is too small to call out any classes, but he can still dish up a good insult.
  • Rikki: Recruit-a-Friend Reward - Rikki has a talent for sneaking in and out of all manner of small spaces, if bribed properly with figs.

Broadcast Text

  • "That's far enough, orc! Dismount and submit or die!","That's far enough, orc! Dismount and submit or die!"
  • "Out of our way, fools!"


  • Renowned Explorer %s

Dungeon Encounter

  • Chromie's Memory: Burning Crusade
  • Chromie's Memory: Cataclysm
  • Chromie's Memory: Wrath of the Lich King


  • Tidebreak Honeyback Hive - "A species of bee known for their unusual size. While newcomers to Stormsong Valley, they quickly made their presence known to adventurers and insect enthusiasts alike."
  • Tidebreak Honeyback Guardian
  • Tidebreak Honeyback Hivemother
  • TidebreakHoneyback Harvester

Friendship Reputation

  • A %s Honeyback Bee Harvester
  • A %s Honeyback Drone
  • A %s Honeyback Hivemother Queen

Global Strings

  • ERR_LEVEL_LINKING_RESULT_LINKED_S,Your level is now scaling to %s
  • ERR_LEVEL_LINKING_RESULT_UNLINKED_S,Your level is no longer scaling to %s
  • ERR_LEVEL_LINKING_RESULT_ERROR_UNKNOWN,An unknown error occurred while trying to level link
  • ERR_LEVEL_LINKING_RESULT_ERROR_TARGET_NOT_LOWER_S,%s is not lower level than you
  • ,ERR_LEVEL_LINKING_RESULT_ERROR_TARGET_INVALID,Invalid target for level linking
  • ERR_QUEST_SESSION_RESULT_UNKNOWN,An unknown error has occurred while attempting to activate Party Sync.
  • ERR_QUEST_SESSION_RESULT_NOT_IN_PARTY,You are not in a party.
  • ERR_QUEST_SESSION_RESULT_INVALID_OWNER_S,%s cannot participate in Party Sync.
  • ERR_QUEST_SESSION_RESULT_ALREADY_ACTIVE,Party Sync is already active.
  • ERR_QUEST_SESSION_RESULT_NOT_ACTIVE,Party Sync is not active.
  • ERR_QUEST_SESSION_RESULT_OWNER_REFUSED_S,%s declined the Party Sync request.
  • ERR_QUEST_SESSION_RESULT_TIMEOUT,The Party Sync request timed out.
  • QUEST_SESSION_ANCHOR_QUERY,Do you want %s to share your quests?
  • QUEST_SESSION_MEMBER_QUERY,Would you like to join Party Sync with %s?
  • ERR_QUEST_SESSION_RESULT_DISABLED,Party Sync is currently disabled.
  • ERR_QUEST_SESSION_RESULT_READY_CHECK_FAILED,A party member declined the Party Sync request.
  • QUEST_SESSION_UNIFIED_QUERY,"%s wants to activate Party Sync.\n\n|cffffd200- Your quests will temporarily rewind based on the earliest shared quest state.\n- Some of your current quests may pause.\n- Your level and skills will be restricted based on the lowest level party member.\n- You will be able to accept Replay Quests.|r\n\nWhile Party Sync is active, you gain rewards relevant to your true level."
  • ERR_QUEST_SESSION_RESULT_ALREADY_MEMBER,You are already in Party Sync.
  • ERR_QUEST_SESSION_RESULT_NOT_OWNER,You are not the owner of the Party Sync.
  • ERR_QUEST_SESSION_RESULT_ALREADY_OWNER,You are already in Party Sync.
  • ERR_QUEST_SESSION_RESULT_ALREADY_JOINED,You are already in Party Sync.
  • ERR_QUEST_SESSION_RESULT_NOT_MEMBER,You are not a member of the Party Sync.
  • RAF_RECRUITED_FRIENDS,Recruited Friends
  • RAF_NEXT_REWARD,Next Reward: %s
  • RAF_INACTIVE_RECRUIT,Inactive subscription
  • RAF_VIEW_ALL_REWARDS,View All Rewards
  • RAF_MONTHS,%d months
  • RAF_REPEATABLE_MONTHS,Every %d months after
  • RAF_REWARDS,Recruit A Friend Rewards
  • RAF_REWARDS_DESC,Earn a reward for each month your recruits subscribe.
  • CLUB_FINDER_LEADER,Leader: |cffffffff%s|r
  • ERR_CANT_USE_PROFANITY,Can't use profanity.
  • RAF_REWARD_TITLE,New Title: %s
  • CLUB_FINDER_COMMUNITY_RECRUITING_NOTE,Optional note to community leader
  • RAF_MONTHS_EARNED,%d |4Month:Months; Earned
  • RAF_YOU_HAVE_EARNED,You've Earned:
  • RAF_NEXT_REWARD_AFTER,Next Reward (%d |4month:months;):
  • ERR_BATTLEGROUND_JOIN_MEMBER_DISQUALIFIED,A party member has been disqualified from this bracket.
  • QUEST_SESSION_JOIN_SESSION,Request To Join Party Sync
  • QUEST_SESSION_DROP_SESSION,Deactivate Party Sync
  • ERR_QUEST_SESSION_RESULT_JOIN_REJECTED,Your request to join the Party Sync was denied.
  • RAF_NO_ACTIVE_LINK,Click Generate Link to create a link good for 30 days.
  • RAF_COPY_LINK,Copy Link
  • RAF_GENERATE_LINK,Generate Link
  • RAF_LINK_REMAINING_USES,%d/%d friends have used this link.
  • RAF_ACTIVE_LINK_DAYS_LEFT,This link is good for %d more |4Day:Days;
  • RAF_EXPENDED_LINK_DAYS_LEFT,You will be able to generate a new link in %d |4Day:Days;
  • RAF_COPY_LINK_EXPENDED_TOOLTIP,You have reached the maximum number of uses for this link. You will be able to generate a new link in %d days.
  • ENTER_LFG,Enter
  • RAF_ACTIVE_RECRUIT,Active subscription
  • RAF_TRIAL_RECRUIT,Trial Account
  • ERR_BATTLEGROUND_JOIN_DISQUALIFIED_NO_NAME,A player has been disqualified from ranked play in this bracket.
  • RAF_NO_RECRUITS_DESC,Recruit friends to begin earning rewards for each month they subscribe.|n|nPlay together to unlock even more rewards!
  • RAF_FIRST_REWARD_AFTER,First Reward (%d |4month:months;):
  • RAF_RECRUITS_FACTION_AND_REALM,"Your friend will be encouraged to join you on %s, %s."
  • RAF_RECRUITMENT,Recruitment
  • RAF_RECRUITMENT_DESC,Recruit or resurrect friends to play World of Warcraft with you!|nYou can invite %d friends every %d days.
  • GUILD_OFFICER_PERMISSION_INVITE_APPLICANTS,- Invite Applicants from Guild Finder
  • RAF_RECRUIT_TOOLTIP_DESC,Each recruited friend can provide up to %d subscription months toward your rewards.
  • RAF_RECRUIT_TOOLTIP_MONTH_COUNT,- %d/%d subscription months provided
  • CLUB_FINDER_NOT_RECRUITING_YOUR_SPECS,Send a note and include your specializations if you would still like to be considered for membership.
  • CLUB_FINDER_NO_MATCHING_SPEC_DIALOG_ERR_STRING,Currently not recruiting any of your class specializations.
  • CLUB_FINDER_ONE_SPEC_REQUIRED,At least one specialization is required to apply.
  • QUEST_SESSION_CHECK_START_SESSION_BODY,"\n\n|cffffd200- Your quests will temporarily rewind based on the earliest shared quest state.\n- Some of your current quests may pause.\n- Your level and skills will be restricted based on the lowest level party member.\n- You will be able to accept Replay Quests.|r\n\n|cffffffffWhile Party Sync is active, you gain rewards relevant to your true level.\r"
  • ERR_QUEST_SESSION_RESULT_LEFT,You left the Party Sync.
  • QUEST_SESSION_CHECK_JOIN_SESSION_TITLE,Join an ongoing Party Sync session
  • QUEST_SESSION_CHECK_JOIN_SESSION_BODY,"Continue request to Party Sync?\n\n|cffffd200- Your quests will temporarily rewind based on the earliest shared quest state.\n- Some of your current quests may pause.\n- Your level and skills will be restricted based on the lowest level party member.\n- You will be able to accept Replay Quests.|r\n\nWhile Party Sync is active, you gain rewards relevant to your true level."
  • QUEST_SESSION_JOIN_SESSION_TITLE,%s is requesting to join the Party Sync.
  • QUEST_SESSION_JOIN_SESSION_BODY,|cff00ff00This action can affect this Party Sync:|r|n|n- Current quests will be reset to match %s's progress|n- Available quests may change.
  • ERR_TRAVEL_PASS_DIFFERENT_REALM,In World of Warcraft: Classic you cannot invite players that are on a different realm.
  • CLUB_FINDER_LINK_CHAT_ERROR,You need to list your guild in guild finder in order to link to chat.
  • QUEST_SESSION_START_SESSION_TOOLTIP,Sync quest progress and level. Eligible quests will be shared when starting Party Sync. Help your party members catch up by replaying quests with them.
  • QUEST_SESSION_JOIN_SESSION_TOOLTIP,Your party has Party Sync active. You can request to join them.
  • QUEST_SESSION_DROP_SESSION_TOOLTIP,"Leave the Party Sync that's currently in progress.  You can request to come back, but the other party members will need to agree to it."
  • SPELL_FAILED_DISABLED_BY_POWER_SCALING,Can't do that at this level
  • CLUB_FINDER_ALREADY_IN_THAT_GUILD,You are already in this guild.
  • QUEST_SESSION_REPLAY_TOOLTIP_BODY_ENABLED,This quest may be replayed while in Party Sync. This quest is removed when Party Sync is deactivated.
  • QUEST_SESSION_REPLAY_TOOLTIP_BODY_DISABLED,You're playing this quest for the first time. Your progress during Party Sync is permanent.
  • QUEST_SESSION_BONUS_LOOT_TOOLTIP_BODY_DISABLED,You're ineligible for bonus rewards from this quest.
  • QUEST_SESSION_BONUS_LOOT_TOOLTIP_BODY_ENABLED,Completing this quest while in Party Sync has a chance at rewarding:
  • CLUB_FINDER_IS_GUILD_LEADER_JOIN_ERROR,You must pass guild master or disband your guild in order to join a new one.
  • LEVEL_LINKED_NOT_USABLE,Not usable while Party Sync active
  • RAF_REMOVE_RECRUIT,Remove Recruit
  • QUEST_SESSION_ON_HOLD_TOOLTIP_TEXT,"This quest is on hold while Party Sync is active. Your progress is saved, but you cannot finish this quest until you leave the party or Party Sync is deactivated."
  • RAF_REMOVE_RECRUIT_CONFIRM,"Are you sure you want to remove|n|cffffd200%s|r|n from your Recruited Friends?|n|nType ""REMOVE"" into the field to confirm."
  • QUEST_SESSION_TUTORIAL_TEXT,While in a party you have the option to use Party Sync to more easily share quests and help your group mates.
  • QUEST_SESSION_WORLD_MAP_TUTORIAL_TEXT,Click here to start Party Sync
  • ERR_CLUB_FINDER_ERROR_POST_CLUB,Couldn't post at this time. Try again later.
  • ERR_CLUB_FINDER_ERROR_APPLY_CLUB,Couldn't apply. Try again later.
  • ERR_CLUB_FINDER_ERROR_RESPOND_APPLICANT,Couldn't respond to applicant. Try again later.
  • ERR_CLUB_FINDER_ERROR_CANCEL_APPLICATION,Couldn't cancel application. Try again later.
  • QUEST_SESSION_MANAGEMENT_START,Sync quests and level with party
  • QUEST_SESSION_MANAGEMENT_DROP,Return to your normal level and quests.
  • QUEST_SESSION_MANAGEMENT_JOIN_REQUEST,Members must accept your request
  • LEVEL_LINKED_LOW_LEVEL,Requires a level of %d
  • QUEST_SESSION_QUEST_TOOLTIP_IS_REPLAY,You are replaying this quest
  • RAF_REWARD_APPEARANCE_SET,New Appearance Set: %s
  • ERR_RECRUIT_A_FRIEND_NOT_LINKED,You can only summon players who are linked to you through Recruit A Friend
  • ERR_RECRUIT_A_FRIEND_NOT_NOW,You cannot summon that player right now
  • ERR_RECRUIT_A_FRIEND_SUMMON_LEVEL_MAX,You cannot summon players above level %d
  • ERR_RECRUIT_A_FRIEND_SUMMON_COOLDOWN,You can only summon your friend once every thirty minutes
  • ERR_RECRUIT_A_FRIEND_INSUF_EXPAN_LVL,That player does not have the required expansion to access this area
  • ERR_RECRUIT_A_FRIEND_SUMMON_OFFLINE,%s is offline and cannot be summoned
  • CLUB_FINDER_ALREADY_IN_GUILD_PLEASE_LEAVE,You are already a member of a guild. Please leave in order to join this one.
  • SPELL_FAILED_CUSTOM_ERROR_424,Requires holiday: Feast of Winter Veil
  • ERR_CLUB_FINDER_ERROR_TYPE_NO_INVITE_PERMISSIONS,You do not have permission to invite.
  • ERR_CLUB_FINDER_ERROR_TYPE_NO_POSTING_PERMISSIONS,You do not have permission to post.
  • ERR_CLUB_FINDER_ERROR_TYPE_FINDER_NOT_AVAILABLE,Finder is not available at this time.
  • ERR_CLUB_FINDER_ERROR_TYPE_APPLICANT_LIST,Applicant list could not be fetched do to a bnet error.
  • ERR_CLUB_FINDER_ERROR_TYPE_APPLICANT_LIST_NO_PERM,You do not have permission to view the applicant list.
  • ERR_CLUB_FINDER_ERROR_TYPE_GET_POSTING_IDS,Couldn't fetch posting ids.
  • ERR_CLUB_FINDER_ERROR_TYPE_JOIN_APPLICATION,Couldn't create an application for the posting.


  • Cataclysm Timewalking - During Cataclysm Timewalking, you may assemble a raid group of between 10 and 30 players, travel to Orgrimmar or Stormwind City, and speak with Vormu to access a Timewalking version of the Firelands raid."


A full list of all items added in this build can be found here.

LFG Dungeons

  • Tradewind & Crow: Dreamgrove Detectives
  • Chromie's Memory: Burning Crusade
  • 8.2.5 Wrathion - Karazhan Catacomb: "Searching for the Black Prince has led to this hideout. But will N'Zoth's agents find him first?
  • Chromie's Memory: Wrath of the Lich King
  • Chromie's Memory: Cataclysm
  • Timewalking Raid: Firelands


  • Questfall
  • The Dreamgrove (Hearthstone Tavern)
  • Hearthstone Tavern
  • Hearthstone Tavern
  • Alterac Valley Classic - "Hidden within the Alterac Mountains, Alterac Valley is the home of the Frostwolf clan.  The Stormpike dwarves have established a foothold in the valley and seek to plumb its depths for riches and links to their ancestral past.
    • A large-scale battleground, each side attempts to destroy each other's tower fortifications and slay the enemy General (Vanndar Stormpike or Drek'Thar).","Hidden within the Alterac Mountains, Alterac Valley is the home of the Frostwolf clan.  The Stormpike dwarves have established a foothold in the valley and seek to plumb its depths for riches and links to their ancestral past.
    • A large-scale battleground, each side attempts to destroy each other's tower fortifications and slay the enemy General (Vanndar Stormpike or Drek'Thar).
    • - Slay the enemy leader,"- Capture enemy towers and bunkers
    • - Slay the enemy leader
    • - Reduce the enemy reinforcements to 0"
  • Caverns of Time - Anniversary
  • FX Test Dungeon
  • Cinematics Test Map (Development Map)
  • Cinematics Test Map II (Development Map)


We've datamined 8 mounts in this build. The entries include the long-awaited bee mount, the Deathwing mount tied to the anniversary event, two mounts tied to Classic Alterac, two new Recruit-a-Friend mounts, and finally, two shop mounts.

  • Honeyback Harvester - "While most Harvesters dream only of honey and flowers, this adventurous specimen looks to the wide world beyond Stormsong Valley."
    • Rewarded from Leaving the Hive: Harvester (Quest) in Stormsong Valley.
  • Obsidian Worldbreaker - I have had many names throughout history, all of them spoken with dread: Neltharion, Xaxas, and many more. Yet you shall know me best as Deathwing, for so I am! I am the bane of life, the darkness within history, the lord of death, the master of destruction. And I tell you now, and so it is true, that this world is mine!"" - Neltharion, the Earth-Warder"
    • Rewarded from "How Things ""Really"" Happened... (Quest) in Tanaris
  • Alabaster Stormtalon - "Chisled by the stonemasons of Stormwind, this stone gryphon symbolizes the unbending courage of the Alliance."
    • Source: In-Game Shop
  • Alabaster Thunderwing - "Chisled by the stoneworkers of Orgrimmar, this stone wind rider is a symbol of the unwavering strength of the Horde.
    • Source: In-Game Shop
  • Frostwolf Snarler - "Raised in the Alterac Mountains by the Frostwolf Clan, trained to bite dwarves."
    • Rewarded from Alterac Valley of Olde (Achievement)
  • Explorer's Jungle Hopper - For when you're making a crash landing in the middle of an uncharted swamp because it's the only way to access that ancient temple.
    • Recruit-a-Friend Reward
  • Explorer's Dunetrekker - The surly dunetrekker can easily carry a set of explorers to the nearest ruins and back without the need to rest.
    • Recruit-a-Friend Reward
  • Stormpike Battle Ram - "Raised in the Alterac Mountains by the Stormpike Clan, trained to headbutt orcs."
    • Rewarded from Alterac Valley of Olde (Achievement)


Some sort of detective scenario has been added in 8.2.5, where players search for a murderer.

  • Tradewind & Crow: Dreamgrove Detectives

Scenario Steps

  • Don't Wake Naralex - Play Don't Wake Naralex
  • A Tragic Wail - Find the source of the cry.
  • A Different Point of View - Let Arthur tell the story.
  • Druidic Investigation - See if anybody has any information about the murderer.
  • Nose to the Ground - Use your senses to search for clues.
  • Following the Trail - Thisalee has a lead! Go see what she found.
  • The Vicious Murderer - Track down the murderer and bring him to justice!

Source Info

  • Alliance players will be able to get the Honeyback Hivemother mount in Stormsong Valley at Honored with Honeyback Hive and the mount will cost 100 Choral Honey (new currency).

World Safe Locs

What we have here are datamined entries for the 8.2.5 Wrathion Scenario, a new chapter of the 8.2.5 War Campaign, zones tied to the 15th anniversary of the game, and more.

  • Questfall Graveyard
  • Hearthstone Tavern - Buddy Cop Scenario - Start Loc (JLW)
  • Hearthstone Tavern - Buddy Cop Scenario - Graveyard
  • "Alterac Valley Classic, Alliance Safe"
  • "Alterac Valley Classic, Horde Safe"
  • Hearthstone Tavern - Safe Loc
  • Test Dungeon
  • Wow's Anniversary - Caverns of Time
  • 8.2.5 Wrathion - Karazhan Catacombs - Entrance - RMV
  • 8.2.5 Wrathion - Karazhan Catacombs - Exit - RMV
  • 8.2.5 War Campaign - Orgrimmar Cemetery - KRB
  • 8.2.5 War Campaign - Dranosh'ar Blockade - KRB
  • "Alterac Valley (Classic), Horde Safe"
  • "Alterac Valley (Classic), Alliance Safe"
  • 8.2.5 Wow's 15th Anniversary - Football Court
  • "Alterac Valley (Classic), Snowfall Graveyard (Mid)"
  • "Alterac Valley (Classic), Stormpike Graveyard (Hi)"
  • "Alterac Valley (Classic), PvP Alliance Choke Graveyard (A-choke)"
  • "Alterac Valley (Classic), PvP Horde Choke Graveyard (H-choke)"
  • "Alterac Valley (Classic), Frostwolf Graveyard (Lo)
  • "Alterac Valley (Classic), Frostwolf Relief Hut (H-base)"
  • "Alterac Valley (Classic), Stormpike Aid Station (A-base)"
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2 hours ago, dartbodman said:

Deathwing as a mount?

Yes, there's an anniversary event scheduled for later this year which will reward the Obsidian Worldbreaker mount.

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22 hours ago, dartbodman said:

Deathwing as a mount?

Reward from special LFR, 9 bosses from different expansions. It was datamined that Chromie will narrate this event.

Edited by Arcling

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      I never meant for ME to feel this despair.
      The long wait is finally over, and the much-requested High Dwarves are finally coming to Azeroth. There’s not really more to say about the glory of the High Dwarves that hasn’t already been said in the General Discussion forum.
      Moooove over, all you Horde races who are cursed with flesh. We’re about to raise the steaks on the udderly fantastic notion of Tauren+mechanical bioengineering. Don’t worry, we wouldn’t steer you wrong.


      New affix: Legit Questioning – Within 3-5 minutes of each boss kill, 30 to 50 feral hogs run into your dungeon. How do you kill them?
      New affix: Tub Thumping – With each pull, you get knocked down. But don’t worry—you’ll get up again. We’re never gonna keep you down.
      Now, the most-accomplished and powerful players – those who do a significant amount of pet battling every single day for many consecutive days – can obtain Vision of Furrpection .
      Major Power – Reflects all incoming damage. This effect scales with the number of max-level battle pets you have in your collection, to a maximum duration of 30 seconds, with a 60 second cooldown.
      Minor Power– You enter stealth after standing still for 2 seconds. Thereafter, moving does not break stealth.
      Developers’ note: We haven’t yet completed our tuning pass on this Essence, but we wanted to get it into players’ hands as soon as possible. We’re really looking forward to seeing if players find a use for it.
      She’s cared for you through so many difficulties. Now, it’s your turn to show your appreciation for her. Please make a note on the in-game calendar and actually show up for this easy quest chain. You only have to do it once per year, and it means so much to MOTHER.
      For one day only, Magni is just going to go wherever he wants and it’s up to you to find your own way there. Magni might lead you to visit your bodyguard in Nazjatar who’s kind of lonely now. He might want to go pull some pranks. When you finally get to him, have fun! Set the Stormwind Park back on fire or something.
      Infinite Stars has to be renamed, because every time we reduce Infinite Stars by 20%, we’re left with Infinite Stars. Even just pondering it gives us headaches. How about “Many Countable Stars”?
      Echoing Void no longer sounds like a car alarm between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. when people are trying to sleep over here!
      Ineffable Truth can’t be changed.
      Twisted Appendage has been given an additional twin tentacle: Twisted Sister.
      Gushing Wound has been reduced to gush 20% less than it gushed before.
      Worldvein Resonance now hurts your ears 20% less.
      Memory of Lucid Dreams is now 10% more memorable.
      Conflict and Strife is now only obtainable through Fishing.
      Vitality Conduit now yells at you in the voice of Shia LaBeouf to “Just Duit!!”
      Vision of Furrpection has been renamed and is now called Furrification Protocollar.
      After receiving a great amount of negative sentiment having something to do with the Big Love Rocket mount, we’ve decided to make the Big Love Rocket mount 50% larger, and give it a 200% speed boost. Thank you for your feedback.
      Tortollan scribes are so very tired of watching you stumble around, that their standards have been lowered by 90%. Draw whatever shape you want. Go nuts. Just finish and get out of here.
      All bells have been removed from the game. We’re not sure why, but some raccoon showed up, said something about a house, and ran off with them.
      Essence of Fire, Essence of Water, Essence of Earth, and Essence of Undeath are no longer account-wide.
      Death Knight
      Death Grip never really did what it says and cause death, rather than mere inconvenience to the target, so Death Grip has been renamed Tug Throat.
      Now that everyone is a Death Knight, we’ve added a new Death Knight ability: Directory – activate to hold up a chart that you can compare other players to, in order to figure out what race they are.
      Demon Hunter
      New ranged DPS spec: Tizzy. With a Tizzy DH, you’ll still jump around and make funny noises like there’s a bee on you, but you’ll do it from 40 yards away.
      Eye Beam has been given those new high-intensity bulbs, and now blinds everyone in front of you for miles.
      Added a new Druid ability: White Claw – disorients you and frustrates your enemies. It shows up everywhere, even though you’ve never once heard anyone say that they like it.
      Shaking a Druid while in Tree of Life form now has a chance to spawn a swarm of angry wasps.
      Beast Mastery Hunters whose pets do 70% or more of the player’s total damage are now given a comfy bench to sit on during fights.
      Freezing Trap is now 30% less effective on targets who keep a sweater at the office.
      Mages who say in voices comms that they’re putting down a portal to Boralus, but then it’s actually a portal to Dalaran Crater, are awarded the Achievement “Why Do They Fall For This Every Time?”.
      Blink distance reduced by 50%. You guys really need to tone it down with the Blinking. It’s gotten out of hand. Don’t make us turn this Blink around and go right back where we came from! Stop Blinking! I’ll give you something to Blink about!!
      Ironskin Brew and Purifying Brew are now noticeably less hoppy than they were a few years ago during the hops craze.
      New Mastery: Savasana. All Monks have transcended to an elevated state of being, where the answers to all problems are beyond the need for violence. Monk characters are prevented from casting any damage-dealing abilities or using any attacks whatsoever. Namaste.
      Lay on Hands no longer causes your hands to get all tingly and numb and then you wake up and shake them and they feel so weird.
      Divine Steed updated to look less like you’re just running away from a fight, except when followed by the use of Divine Shield and Hearthstone.
      Xal’atath, Blade of the Black Empire voicelines updated in the hopes that you’ll start using it again. You used to be so close and nowadays you barely even see each other. Baby please come back.
      Corrected an issue that would occasionally cause Holy Word: Serenity to take the sky from you.
      Rogues who save their Sap can now make it into a nice syrup.
      Rogues who use Cloak of Shadows, Vanish, and Shadowstep in rapid succession now disappear from the game altogether.
      No adjustments needed. Warlock
      Seed of Corruption must now be planted in the correct time of year and moisture, or else it will become Flowerpot of Disappointment.
      Doom duration increased to be a really long time, but not so long that you’d call it eternal.
      Heroic Leap now occasionally ends in a pirouette.
      Pummel now looks even more misspelled if you stare at it.
      Following a tremendous amount of feedback, we’re happy to announce that WoW Classic now comes in three new old flavors:
      There are no changes to WoW Classic in this patch.
      Here come the April Fools official patch notes!
    • By Stan
      Jaina Proudmoore drops two Glacial Tidestorms until the release of Shadowlands and there's a Discord community named Jaina's Buddies to help you get the mount.
      The idea of the community is to gather people with high item level to overgear the content and make multiple weekly clearing groups for the mount. Join Jaina's Buddies if you want to get your Glacial Tidestorm before the drop rate is reduced to 1%!
      Glacial Tidestorm
      Though she commands a variety of magical powers, Jaina has always been most proficient at summoning powerful elementals of water and ice.

      Animations (MountSpecial, Run, Fly)

    • By Starym
      Here come this week's first hotfixes, with the already announced Legion legacy loot rules along with some more visual tweaks to dungeons, specifically Ashvane Warden in Tol Dagor.
      March 31 (source)
      Dungeons and Raids
      Ashvane Warden The ground visual for Lockdown should remain visible when Projected Textures is disabled in the System Settings menu. Ashvane Warden The ground visual for Lockdown should remain visible when Projected Textures is disabled in the System Settings menu. Items and Rewards
      Legion Raids and Dungeons [With regional restarts] Legacy loot rules are now in place for Legion raids and dungeons. Developers’ note: Standard encounters drop an amount of loot scaled by the amount of players in the raid, which results in fewer pieces for players who defeated encounters in small groups or as a solo player. In Legacy loot rules, raid and dungeon encounters will drop a fixed quantity of class-agnostic loot, regardless of the group size.
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