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Stay in ass, or go to combat

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Hello guys, i have a question about swtiching from ass to combat.My averege dps 175k+, i have some items for combat.Should i switch in combat?


also My dps on jugger and malk 200k, on shamans, galakras,klaxxi is about max 150-160k


My account

cant post url, cause i have russian letters, i guess




My askmrrobot., with what i've got in my bag.


p.s. sorry for bad eng/


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That depends on you, really.


In terms of DPS, combat should do better on a lot of fights. If you don't mind switching, there's not much reason not to. Most people say that you should wait until you have higher gear level and the Assurance of Consequence trinket, otherwise assassination might be better.


Also, the ttwo specs have different stat priorities, so it's not really feasible to switch between fights and reforge every time. If you switch to combat, you'll probably have to stick with it unless you have a very patient raid team.


If you don't like assassination, then you should change. If you like assassination, but you want more DPS, wait until you have the AoC trinket and maybe a little higher gear level. If you like assassination, and are happy with your DPS (there doesn't seem to be anything to worry about there) then stick with assassination.


And you should use shadowcraft.mmo-mumble.com for your rogue, rather than Ask Mr Robot.

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when you get more normal mode gear i would go combat. along with getting AOC helping alot with CD rates. rogues very gear dependent, combat even more so. i would say get more gear personally 550 or 555 is around where i jumped. also. your numbers will skyrocket when you get legendary meta/back. meta is huge for our class 

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Completely not helpful but i wouldn't google your post title:


"Stay in ass.."


I may just have a sick mind but it made me lol smile.png


Died laughing lol first thing I thought of.

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