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dps estiment for DW Frst dk

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ok, thanks, been having trouble just getting the stuff to drop for me. never get any burdens of eternity, almost never get anything from my bonus rolls on soo. guess i'll just have to keep grinding it

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even with bad weapons and trinkets you should be able to do 60-80k with a 494 ilvl. I can't find any logs for you on wow-heroes. if you get a chance later, upload logs for a couple fights and we can go over them to see where you can make some improvements.


One thing that stands out immediately is that you're using unholy blight instead of plague leech. I prefer UB for 2H, but for DW frost Plague leech is the only way to go.


Runic empowerment is an ok talent choice, some people prefer blood tap, but I use Runic empowerment myself, but make sure you're using it correctly. If you're frost striking when you don't have runes eligible for a RE proc then you're wasting the talent.


There's a lot of other stuff that can make a big differnce. it may only be a 20-30k dps loss now, but if you get more gear it could be a 50k dps difference later.

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