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Some questions left for Arms pve

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hey guys,


i play arms warrior on a fairly low level (just started again with some RL friends after quitting in mid firelands) and i'm just getting into flex right now (its my second ID but i got fairly lucky, so i finished flex 3 already) and we are planning to start normal in a few weeks.

i dont want to be TOP tier heroic holy shit, but i like to do things good, if I do them, so i got a few questions left after i've read a lot around here and in some other forums (like offical, noxxic, and a german one):


this is my warrior: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/arthas/Djinga/simple

ilvl currently 534


- FURY or ARMS. I like arms, ive never tried fury, but i read it gets better single target after around 535. How much impact - dps-wise -  does it have? is it - at my state of raiding - worth switching between the bosses? i mean u have to reforge every time u switch...

- what about gemming? i currently use str/crit for oranges, i've read somewhere, that u gotta use mastery/crit because u get twice the mastery (can't remember where, though)

- i used ReforgeLite until yesterday, but i compared it with askmrrobot and the website got me around 0,7% more crit compared to the addon, did i mess sth. up or are they using different methods?


thanks for any answers (even if u can only answer one of the three questions







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Arms is better DPS until you get enough crit to have somewhat reliable Enrages from Bloodthirst as Fury. The consensus seems to be for this amount of crit to be gained at around your item levels-ish. I don't know the exact percentage of crit though, and its not set in stone.


Fury gives higher purely single target DPS but the rotation is considerably harder to master. (Arguably the hardest, imo.) But that's sort of the beauty of it too. Reeaally working for your numbers.


I'd suggest getting both DPS specs so you can switch and see. Get a critbuff friend to buff you and go to a target dummy to compare for example. If you have good uptime on enrage and you can get it on every CS window, it might be time to test it out.


Seeing Fury is more delicate rotationwise, I suggest you give Tappie's auras a go. They really help with keeping up your rotation.




I'll let the warrior masterminds answer the rest of your questions :D

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Looks like Ceraius covered most of your questions :)


Fury is playable with lower crit, but it just becomes exponentially harder to perform the lower your crit is. If it's your first experience as Fury, I wouldn't try it until you have ~30-35% crit in your Fury gear.


At the level of raiding you are doing though, you will be more than fine playing a spec you are more comfortable with. If you want to switch between Arms and Fury, you actually can with ease, since the stat priorities are close enough between the 2 that using your Fury gems & reforges for Arms isn't that bad.


To answer your specific question about gemming, if you only play Arms, Str/Crit gems are fine since 1 pt of Str is worth more DPS than 2 points of Mastery, which is your 2nd highest secondary stat after Crit. For Fury, however, 2 pts of Mastery is better than 1 pt of Str, so you are better of with Exp/Crit gems in that case, since the Exp on the gems allow you to reforge it out of your gear and get more mastery out of it.


Finally, about ReforgeLite & AMR, I know that AMR uses a very complex algorithm to make sure that what it tells you to do is the best possible configuration for your gear. Moreover, it takes into account gems and enchants, whereas (as far as I know) ReforgeLite doesn't.


Hope this helps,



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