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Senior Animator Lana Bachynski Leaves Blizzard

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The Heroes of the Storm team just lost another member. Lana Bachynski, Senior Animator for Heroes, left the company yesterday.

Lana has been the backbone of the Heroes of the Storm since the game's inception, giving life to our favorite characters in the Nexus! We previewed her art back in December last year. Unfortunately, she announced on Twiter on August 1st that she was leaving Blizzard. We wish her luck in her future endeavors!

Animation Reel

Official Announcement via Reddit

Blizzard LogoBlizzard (Source)

While I most certainly hit my emotional limit yesterday, I wanted to take a moment to stop in and tell you how deeply moved I am by this community.

I am fortunate to have been given some incredible opportunities in my time here: amazing characters to work on, amazing people to work with, and amazing memories meeting with and talking to and sharing in the joy of game development with all of you.

Change is hard. Not only because of the impending ‘newness’ of the future, but in wondering about the kind of mark that is left behind… and so, I wanted to make sure you knew the impact you’ve had on me. Every conversation at BlizzCon, every tweet, every stream -- every interaction has been invaluable, and watching this community rally again and again when someone is hurting, or struggling, or celebrating, or in need, is truly remarkable. I am honored to have spent this time with you.

Anyway, I wanted to leave you guys with a little parting gift. I’ve had the chance to share a lot of cool stuff with you over the years, but one thing I’ve shared remarkably little of is design. I’ve had a lot of fun playing around in Illustrator making dev shirts, and I wanted the opportunity to make something for everyone. It’s just a desktop background (1920x1080), and it’s possibly a little trite, but it’s for my team and this community that made me believe that it’s true.

So...thanks! Thank you so much for all the memories, for challenging me to be a better developer, and for the best 5 years of development I could possibly have asked for.

Yesterday was my last day at Blizzard Entertainment, and just to clarify, I'm not leaving because of any hard feelings. I love Heroes and am so proud of everything we've released, but as much as it's comfortable and fun to stay put, sometimes an opportunity comes along that you can't say no to. A chance to impact a new community. A chance to be a catalyst for change, and bolster diversity. I am so excited and so nervous, but now it's my turn to rally and support.

I spent yesterday smothered in lovesurrounded by friends, and ultimately overwhelmed by all of this.
Thank you for letting me be a part of your lives.

GLHF, and I’ll see you at BlizzCon.

--Lana B

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Really. Good for her for finding something even bigger or even better. The hardest part about leaving is getting out that door. Which is kind of funny since there seems to be a lot of that as of late.

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34 minutes ago, Varrick said:

The hardest part about leaving is getting out that door. Which is kind of funny since there seems to be a lot of that as of late.

Not really, people come and go all the time, we just don't hear about them. Very few become "faces of the community", so when some of them leave around same time, it gives that impression.

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The Heroes team has many talented animators, but Lana was by far the best one. It will be hard without her, but I wish her best luck in her future endeavors.

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12 hours ago, xendrius said:

So did she get an offer from Riot games or something? 

People with this level of experience usually don't just go to any videogame company. If she remains in the industry it's probably Sony, Microsoft or other big name - but it's just as likely that she is taking on lead animation duties at Pixar or Dreamworks.

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51 minutes ago, Stan said:

Lana is now a Senior Animator at Riot.

/gasp  Traitor!

Just kidding. I'm sure she will have more creative freedom designing new characters for League of Legends, but sure is a shame she left Blizzard to work on its competitor, who value its MOBA IP better. Just show the sad state that Blizzard is, and all it's all Activision fault.

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