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New Player to D3 help

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Hi D3 community ?

So I bought D3 (on PC) back in 2012 and ended up never playing it. But just spent the weekend at a friends house and we played through a vanilla campaign on PS4 and it was bloody awesome. So I am going to get it fired up but I just wanted some advice on what to do :-

Obviously I need to play through a vanilla campaign to start with, but I wondered if given that Season 17 finishes on 18th August if I should just focus on getting as far through that as possible and then do the Vanilla campaign after? The seasonal stuff and how it fits in is a little confusing.

Cheers all

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Well, the current version of the game is WAY different from vanilla. determining what is the better way to start is up to you. I personally find it easier for a newer player to play through the campaign and learn their character and skills. This can be accomplished better on the latest version of the game, as you will more than likely wind up playing on the current version. It is best to practice on the version you intend to eventually play on.

That being said, you do not have to play seasons. You can opt to play a non seasonal character on the latest version.

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My friend at Apknite've just purchased for me and him D3 on the switch and now I'm wondering about this stuff. 
I kinda need some help with my build/gear and I see people posting their load-outs via the Leaderboard. Now I am nowhere NEAR in the top 100000 I think, but is there a way to look my character up so posting my loadout and skills and stuff easier?
The only way I see now is to manually post every piece of gear+stats and that's a bit of a chore to do. So is there an easy way to look my character up online?
Let me know!

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