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Log In to World of Warcraft with Your Phone in Patch 8.2.5

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In Patch 8.2.5, you will be able to log into the game with your phone number.

The 8.2.5 PTR login screen has been updated with the option to log into the game with your phone, instead of just mail. The function hasn't been tested on PTR yet, but we found a global string which was recently changed in 8.2.5. The "Blizzard Account Name" field is now called "Email or Phone".

  • ACCOUNT_NAME changed: Blizzard Account NamEmail or Phone


Check out our Patch 8.2.5 hub for the latest news!

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Why not, I assume most people have a Blizzard Authenticator on their phones at this point anyway :P does make you wonder what is also coming later though, maybe accounts that don't require an email at all? Could be a thing with the mobile initiatives.

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Nope.  I'm 72, sit on my computer playing games all day.  My base/home phone is on my desk.  The few hours each week that I'm out doesn't justify the cost of a phone with the accompanying plan.

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