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Redirects / Phishing

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Every time I have Icy Veins open, my firewall's web filter goes crazy with what I assume are redirects / advertisements (Categories are usually on the Phishing and Other Frauds website visit blocked).

I find it strange as I am premium and should not be seeing any ads and even less any malicious ads/redirects.

My firewall / filters are taking care of my end, but just thought I'd make you aware.



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You definitely shouldn't be seeing any ads, so our sincerest apologies for that!

How are you browsing the site? Is it mobile or PC? What browser? Do you have any extensions active in your browser?

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Adobe and Last Pass.


I actually don't see the ads.  Just the reports from my firewall.

Before I left this morning, I closed and clear history and cache.

I opened only icy-veins and when I came back a server in Spain had been flagged several times.

Don't worry about it.  Like I said, my firewall is taking care of it.

But, I will look further into it and if I find specific info that you can act on, I will email it.

Thank you for your time.



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I just don't understand how you can get that as a premium member. I did some tests and not a single ad code is loaded ?

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