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WoW Classic Realms Population Report: August 23rd

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We're four days away from Classic launch. New realms are coming in both regions on August 26, and Blizzard will also be lifting the 3-character limit per server soon.

Check out our WoW Classic Realm Population hub for a full history of recent population changes!

EU Realms

Gehennas is now marked as Full. Both new German servers went from Low to Medium.

The following realms will open on August 26, 2019 at 19:00 p.m. CEST:

  • Flamelash - PvP - English
  • Gandling - PvP English
  • Mograine - PvP - English
  • Nethergarde Keep - Normal - English
  • Razorgore - PvP - English
Name Type Language Population
Firemaw *new* PvP English Medium
Gehennas PvP English High Full
Golemagg PvP English Full
Hydraxian Waterlords RP English Medium
Mirage Raceway Normal English High
Pyrewood Village Normal English High
Shazzrah PvP English Full
Zandalar Tribe RP-PvP English Medium
Auberdine Normal French Medium
Sulfuron PvP French High
Everlook Normal German Full
Lucifron PvP German Full
Razorfen *new* Normal German Low Medium
Venoxis *new* PvP German Low Medium
Хроми (Chromie) Normal Russian Medium
Пламегор (Flamegor) PvP Russian High

US Realms

The following realms will open on August 26, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. PDT:

  • Incendius - PvP - Eastern
  • Bigglesworth - PvP - Pacific
  • Old Blanchy - Normal - Pacific
  • Westfall - Normal - Eastern
Name Type Time Zone Population
Atiesh Normal Pacific High
Blaumeux *new* PvP Pacific Low
Mankrik Normal Eastern Full
Myzrael Normal Pacific High
Pagle Normal Eastern Full
Skeram *new* PvP Eastern Medium
Stalagg PvP Eastern High 
Faerlina PvP Eastern Full
Fairbanks PvP Pacific  High
Herod PvP Eastern Full
Whitemane PvP Pacific Full
Bloodsail Buccanneers RP Eastern Medium
Grobbulus RP-PvP Pacific Medium
Thalnos PvP Eastern Full

Oceanic Realms

Name Type Time Zone Population
Arugal PvP Australian Eastern Time High
Remulos Normal Australian Eastern Time Medium

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They're adding servers at a pretty quick rate!  I wonder what their population estimates are for Classic now.  I have a feeling Classic is going to grow like they did back in vanilla so it should be interesting to see.  I think they're severely overestimating the percent of tourists as well.

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13 minutes ago, ClassicRaids said:

They're adding servers at a pretty quick rate!  I wonder what their population estimates are for Classic now.  I have a feeling Classic is going to grow like they did back in vanilla so it should be interesting to see.  I think they're severely overestimating the percent of tourists as well.

With the end of Legion and most of BFA feeling like an on-rails experience where the world is no longer the main character along with a crazy amount of Nostalgia from the original millions of subs...I think people will go hardcore with classic for a few months then itll dip hard with other new games coming out.

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Despite new servers being added, many people will likely stay on those marked as full. Better to deal with queues initially, than to end on a dead server.

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      It's impressive that the guild and Kembria specifically managed to get all the mats together so quickly, especially the Sulfuron Ingots, which the warrior apparently got all on his own, save the 1 that the guild provided, simply by getting enough gold to shop Firemaw's Auction House (for around 400-500 gold per ingot). Since there have been around 3-4 viable raid lockouts since the game arrived, it seems there are plenty of guilds heading to Molten Core on the server, which helped get the AH stocked.
      Perhaps unsurprisingly this achievement brought up the layering discussion again in the reddit thread, from the large amount of mats needed from the open world, to even accusations of exploits via the raid resets server-wide, due to the scarcity of Sulfuron Ingots. There doesn't see to be any indication for any of that, and 3-4 weeks is plenty for an entire server to get the open world mats together with Firemaw being as active a server as it is. On a brighter note, there are also the very standard Vanilla call-outs of "it should have gone to a shaman"!
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      Class Reagents
      Reagents Vendor
      The Valley of Spirits Location Category NPC Type NPC Name 3–Darkbriar Lodge Class Trainer Mage Trainer Uthel'nay   Class Trainer Mage Trainer Enyo   Class Trainer Mage Trainer Deino   Class Trainer Mage Trainer Pephredo   Class Trainer Portal Trainer Thuul 4–Spirit Lodge Class Trainer Priest Trainer Ur'kyo   Class Trainer Priest Trainer X'year 4b–Survival of the Fittest Profession Trainer First Aid Trainer Arnok The Cleft of Shadow Location Category NPC Type NPC Name 5–Shadowswift Brotherhood Class Trainer RogueTrainer Ormok   Class Trainer RogueTrainer Shenthul   Class Trainer RogueTrainer Gest 6–Rekkul's Poisons Class Supplies Rogue Poison Vendor Rekkul 7–Shadowdeep Reagents Class Supplies Reagents Vendor Hagrus 8–Darkfire Enclave Class Pet Trainer Demon Trainer Kurgul   Class Trainer Warlock Trainer Grol'dar   Class Trainer Warlock Trainer Zevrost   Class Trainer Warlock Trainer Mirket 9–Ragefire Cavern Dungeon (Level 13-18)
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    • By Starym
      Here come some more Classic hotfixes, as Blizzard have found at least part of the issue that was causing problems with hunters' Feign Death. It seems the spell cancelling for turning is more sensitive in Classic than it was in 1.12, so it's much easier for the Feign to cancel out. The hotfix will address this issue, but excessive turning both during and after the cast will still cause it to fail, but it will be less likely after the hotfix.
      There are other issues also being investigated regarding combat engagement during Feign Death:
      Feign Death (source)
      Hey everybody, I wanted to take a minute to talk about Feign Death. Hunters are understandably very concerned about the behavior of such an iconic ability, with a variety of important uses, and I want to assure you that we’re aware of your reports and we’re investigating. This one isn’t easy at all. In our reference builds, many of the same behaviors that players are reporting do occur, but sometimes with slight differences in timing or consistency, which makes it really difficult to even identify a clear bug in the first place. However, despite this difficulty we have made some progress here.
      The first issue is that Feign Death cancels when you move, including if you turn, and very often high-skill hunters are running from an opponent, turning to shoot behind them, and then Feign Death to drop a trap. It some of these cases, Feign Death is failing because the spell-cancel on turning is more sensitive in WoW Classic than it was in 1.12. We’ve tracked down why it’s more sensitive, and we’re testing a change now that relaxes the spell cancellation to make it less likely that you’ll inadvertently trigger this if you’re trying to stop turning to cast Feign Death. That said, if you continue turning after the cast, or keep turning during the cast, you can still cause Feign Death to be cancelled. This fix will go out soon as a hotfix.
      There are other reports about it taking too long to drop combat, or having combat re-activated because your pet is getting attacked, and we’re still looking at those issues. We’re tracking a couple of leads there, but we haven’t got this bug in our sights yet, so it may take a bit more time to figure out what’s really going on here.
      I’m sorry it’s not a silver bullet, but hopefully it gives you some peace of mind to know we’re listening, and still investigating the issues.
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