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WoW Classic - List of Known Issues: August 26th

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It seems all the Classic content is coming out now that we're less than 4 hours away from release, as we just got a big known issues list for 1.13.2. From hunter pets being stuck on follow, some rogue abilities messing with movement and facing, along with a whole bunch of animation and sound issues to the crucial info that loot sparkles do NOT scale with creature size. Unplayable indeed. There's a whole lot more to check out so dive in:

Blizzard LogoKnown Issues (source)

Art, Animation, and Sound

  • The Warlock’s Imp pet is using an incorrect spell casting animation
  • Some belts are displaying extra textures on non-belt areas of the body
  • There are multiple display issues with the Egan's Blaster Egan's Blaster quest item
  • The quiver model is not displaying on the Hunter’s back if you have an ammo pouch in your bags
  • The player character’s upper torso/head is locked forward while strafing left and right with something targeted
  • Players can become stuck in a ready animation when activating Shoot or Auto Shot Auto Shot more than once in rapid succession
  • Characters will rotate their lower body too responsively while in the combat ready stance
  • Food and drink objects do not fade correctly when a stealthed character is eating or drinking
  • Casting Shoot immediately after casting another spell can cause the wand animation to become delayed
  • Noggenfogger Elixir Noggenfogger Elixir does not retain the skeleton model on a shapeshifted Druid
  • A Hunter’s Auto Shot Auto Shot does not animate, display a missile, or play a sound when it fires immediately after Aimed Shot Aimed Shot or Multi-Shot Multi-Shot
  • Several spell visuals for Hunter, Warlock, and Paladin abilities will incorrectly continue to loop after the initial spell cast or impact
  • A Hunter’s Freezing Trap Freezing Trap is missing a ring visual above the trap
  • The Warrior skill Recklessness Recklessness has a persistent visual throughout its duration, which did not occur in Original WoW
  • Several player spells and abilities can occasionally play additional overlapping sound effects when used
  • Sheathing and unsheathing weapons does not play a sound.


  • Hunter Pets may occasionally get stuck on Follow if the command is issued during Feign Death Feign Death
  • Extra attacks stored by Reckoning do not expire when the player mounts
  • A Hunter’s Multi-Shot Multi-Shot t ability can chain more than 10 yards from the primary target
  • A Warlock’s Drain Soul spell does not appropriately deal damage when the channel time is shortened via spell pushback

Creatures and NPCs

  • Loot sparkles do not scale up with creature size
  • Creatures that are affected by a Rogue’s Distract Distract ability do not turn quickly enough
  • Creatures that are affected by a Rogue’s Gouge Gouge ability will occasionally turn to face a different direction
  • Battle Companions such as the Battle Chicken may occasionally become frozen after combat and fail to follow the player
  • Gordo may occasionally wander through the side of a bridge and get stuck inside of a tree in Tirisfal Glades
  • The dragon Gyth has multiple animation issues during the Rend Blackhand encounter in Blackrock Spire
  • Taking a flight path from Nethergarde Keep to Morgan’s Vigil will cause the taxi to clip through a building shortly after taking off

Engine and User Interface

  • When within detection range of a friendly stealthed unit, the stealthed unit’s name is incorrectly visible
  • SSAO does not render correctly in Windows 10
  • Macro tooltips do not load in when you first load into the client
  • Some area of effect debuffs like Explosive Trap do not display a duration
  • Several ranks of Warlock and Shaman spells do not display damage variance in their tooltips
  • If Dual Wield is known, One-Hand weapons may be erroneously equipped to the Off-Hand slot if dragged into the Main Hand slot while a Main Hand weapon is equipped
  • The default raid frames do not hide long-term buffs like Power Word: Fortitude while in combat
  • Macros that cast Pet abilities without specifying the rank do not update when the Pet learns a new rank of the ability
  • There is a conflict with some overlays such as Discord and Shadowplay that causes the client to crash when some video settings are adjusted
  • The chat messages that indicate a player’s inebriation level are incorrect

Spells, Buffs, and Talents

  • Players can mount on transports
  • Cleansed Songflower, Cleansed Whipper Root, and Cleansed Night Dragon cannot be simultaneously looted by multiple players
  • Players are not forced to re-purchase ranks of talented abilities that they have bought at least once before

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This game appears to be working as intended.

Pet issues have been known for months and it's disappointing to see these enter the playable version on launch day. Still, vanilla had issues, and was patched on day two from memory, and day three, and day four. 

I'll be happy to write up a bug report that'll be filed and acted on "in due time" as the GM's used to say.

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1 hour ago, GraemeGamer said:

This game appears to be working as intended.

Pet issues have been known for months and it's disappointing to see these enter the playable version on launch day. Still, vanilla had issues, and was patched on day two from memory, and day three, and day four. 

I'll be happy to write up a bug report that'll be filed and acted on "in due time" as the GM's used to say.

I'm pretty sure there'll be plenty of hotfixes coming soon enough.

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I was around for the original beta and launch. I just remember every few days they would add to your play time cause of all the time the servers were down for fixes, so yeah this is as intended.

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